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The Average Hair Transplant Cost Around The World

Hair transplant cost is a variable thing. It differs from one country to another. There are several factors that affect the average hair transplant cost. These include average salary and value for money. And for this reason, it becomes important to learn of how differently hair transplant cost from one continent to another. Because this will give you the opportunity to cut down on costs, visit countries you have always wanted to, and get better treatment. As a health tourist checking prices of hair transplants can fundamentally change your experience.

Average Hair Transplant Cost Around The World

1-Hair Transplant Cost in The USA

The average hair transplant cost in the USA is around is between $4000 to $15000. The lower end of the scale is for very archaic techniques. But as you go up, you can get a hair transplant with better techniques.

The hair transplant cost does not include health tourism services. So you have to budget for your travel costs separately.

2-Hair Transplant Cost in The UAE

A hair transplant in the UAE would cost between $3500 to $7000. But likewise, the hair transplant cost isn’t inclusive of health tourism services. Meaning, you have to consider your travel fees in the total calculation. And again, the further you go up the scale when it comes to hair transplant cost in the UAE, the better the technique will be.

3- The UK

A hair transplant can cost between $2000 to $35000. The lower end of the scale is for very redundant techniques. Similarly, the costs do not cover travel fees. So do your research before going to have an idea of how much it would cost in total.

4- In Europe

The average hair transplant cost in Europe ranges between $4000 to $8000. The lower end of the range would grant you old techniques. And like it’s counterpart, the hair transplant cost in Europe does not cover travel arrangements. Visa procedures are somewhat difficult to obtain as well.

5- In India

A hair transplant would cost between $600 to $2000 in India. Hair transplant centers operate per graft on a rate of $0.53. So for more advanced hair loss, it would cost significantly more than the average. And the reverse is true for mild hair loss. The cost of hair transplant in India does not include travel arrangements.

Visa procedures are flexible in India which is a perk other countries like the USA and UK do not have.

6- In Turkey

Turkey is the biggest hair transplant destination across the world. It has even created some noise for a while as a result of its rapid growth. The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is between $3000 to $5000. Unlike other hair transplant destinations many hair transplant centers in Turkey cover travel fees. For example, the Vera Clinic Hospital offers its health tourists accommodation in 5-star hotels. In addition to translation services and transportation.

In Closing

Some countries offer cheaper costs, others a bit ore exaggerated. Some costs cover travel arrangements, others do not. As a health tourist, you can make your choice based on these variations. But regardless of where you choose to travel, you must remember to research carefully. Consider all the options because some locations offer more for less.