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As we age, hair loss and thinning can become more prevalent and the natural fullness you may have once had in your youth may feel unachievable now. The good news is there are options available to help including hair thickening surgery that can provide a better long term solution than hair thickening products for women and men you’ll find available. Based here in Istanbul, Turkey, Vera Clinic can provide the expert help, care and attention needed to address your hair loss or thinning.

Book a consultation today and our experts can assess your suitability for our available treatment range. With cost-effective packages available that include travel and accommodation, you can experience our world-class facilities in the heart of Turkey’s capital and enjoy 5-star downtime.

What is Hair Thickening Surgery?

Hair thickening surgery refers to addressing any instances of hair loss or thinning on your head, face, or body. Through different hair transplant in Turkey techniques, a fuller more natural head of hair can be achieved depending on the level of hair loss you have experienced. Those who have suffered from Alopecia Areata or Female and Male pattern baldness may wish to achieve regrowth again and turn back the clock on hair loss. If you have been looking for hair thickening treatments that work rather than products that do not deliver this promise, a safe surgical option could be the answer. With a consultation at Vera Clinic, we can assess your suitability and recommend various hair thickening surgery options that will make a difference for you.

The Benefits of Hair Thickening Treatment in the UK vs Turkey

We are based in Istanbul, Turkey, and whilst this may represent a long way to travel for some patients, we can offer value for money with our comprehensive treatment packages. Hair thickening treatment in the UK compared to the rest of the world may cost you much more than if you choose to travel for hair thickening surgery. Thanks to lower overall costs, you may find a package including flights, accommodation and transport to our medical facility works out to be a similar price to the treatment alone in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Having hair thickening surgery in Turkey means:

Options for FUE & Sapphire Hair Transplants

Eyebrow and Facial Hair treatment options

Leading hair loss and cosmetic surgeons with 15 years’ expertise

Use of state-of-the-art equipment and advanced treatments

5-star hotel accommodation

Package deals including flights, hotel, and transport

Safe and welcoming environment to undergo treatment

Highest Quality Standards

Dental and Cosmetic Surgery Options

At Vera Clinic, we will always assess each patient to recommend the best treatment that will provide the results you desire. If after consultation you are deemed suitable, the surgeon will agree that you can receive the best results possible. If the hair that is available for transplant is not enough or will not provide the results you want, they will say so. We want all patients to book their hair thickening surgery in confidence that it is achievable.

Hair Thickening Treatments that Work

Patients may have used many different products to try and achieve thicker hair, looking for hair thickening shampoos that work or over the counter remedies. Unfortunately, many products available cannot reverse hair loss or thinning in the same way as surgery. There are hair thickening products for women and men that can help to provide a temporary aesthetic, however, it is best to try other more simple methods first before anything more drastic is decided. Many aspects of daily life can cause hair loss or thinning, such as:

Poor diet lacking in iron and zinc


Stress and anxiety

Using chemicals on your hair such as dye

Using excessive heat from hair dryers or straighteners

Stress-related Alopecia that pulls on the hair follicles

If after you’ve made changes in your lifestyle and tried hair thickening shampoos that work only temporarily there is still no improvement, advanced hair thickening treatments that work permanently are the next step. Our experts here in Turkey at Vera Clinic are ready to help you achieve the hair you want.

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With state-of-the-art, modern facilities, world-class surgeons and hair technicians, Vera Clinic are the number 1 choice for hair thickening surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. To find out more, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss and book you in for a consultation. As well as hair loss treatment, we can also assist with cosmetic surgery and dental aesthetic treatments.

Hair Thickening Surgery FAQs

Do Hair Thickening Products for Women & Men Work?

Trying to find hair thickening shampoos that work will depend on the level of hair thinning or loss you are experiencing. Many will work temporarily, but do not provide a long-term solution to the cause. If you have addressed issues such as smoking, poor diet, stress and too much strain on your hair follicles from certain hair styles, seeking medical attention is the next option. Through consultation, we can assess the areas of your hair you have a concern with and recommend hair thickening treatments that work for your specific needs.

Does Hair Thickening Treatment in the UK Cost More Than in Turkey?

By booking hair thickening surgery in Turkey, you can potentially make huge savings on the overall costs of treatment. When you compare how much surgery costs, you may find we can quote a similar cost that also includes flights, accommodation, and transportation. During a consultation, we can provide a quote depending on the type and extent of treatment you need so that you can compare this to hair thickening treatment in the UK.

Are There Non-Surgical Options from Hair Thickening Surgery?

If you are looking to achieve a full head of hair, a hair transplant will be the most effective solution. This is because the good hair follicles you have can be extracted and transplanted to the concerning area where they will grow. Other treatments may only offer an aesthetic such as hair pigmentation treatment and hair thickening shampoo or products. You should speak to your doctor as you may find over the counter treatments that may assist with hair regrowth, but if you want effective results without surgery, having an FUE hair transplant will involve no cutting of the skin.

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