Face Lift with Rope

Face Lift with Rope

If you have been searching for an alternative to going under the knife to eliminate the signs of ageing on your face and neck, you may have heard of a face lift with rope. This non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure is performed here at Vera Clinic, based in our state-of-the-art facilities in Istanbul, Turkey. Providing an effective treatment to provide a more youthful appearance, a face lift with rope can be an excellent and affordable solution for a suitable patient.

Book a consultation today and our surgeons can assess your face and neck issues and recommend a suitable treatment for you. At Vera Clinic, a face lift with rope is one of many cosmetic, dental and hair transplant in Turkey solutions we have helped many patients receive providing the results they are looking for.

What Is Facial Lifting With Ropes?

Face lifting with ropes, also known as a thread lift or French lift, is a non-surgical alternative to a traditional face lift. Instead of scalpels and knives, ropes of proteins and synthetic materials are used to obtain the same objective of eliminating facial and neck lines. Facial elasticity decreases with time as a result of gravity and our bodies ageing. As collagen production decreases as we get older, the fat reservoir in the face melts, with the skin starting to sag and become loose. Whilst this can happen anywhere on the body, it is most noticeable on the face and neck where the skin is thinner and can’t be as easily covered up.

Many people want to achieve a youthful complexion for longer, so when the skin in these areas begins to show the signs of ageing, there are many treatments available to help. However, as most of these require surgery to achieve, a face lift with rope provides a great alternative. If you have concerns with going under the knife, a rope face lift could be of interest to you. Whilst the name may intrigue, the process of having a face lift with rope is simple and can be performed quickly by our expert surgeons.

The Types Of Rope Used In A Rope Face Lift Turkey

There are two types of rope that are used when performing a face lift with rope, which are

Fusible threads

Permanent ropes

Permanent ropes are made from synthetic sutures that stay under the skin after the rope face lift is completed. Fusible threads use biocompatible material that means over time they will be reabsorbed by the body, dissolving after a number of months. During consultation, you will be advised of which type of rope will provide the desired results you want.

Materials Of Ropes For A Face Lift With Rope

The material used in the ropes can differ depending on the requirements needed. All are safe to use and compatible with human tissue. The material of the ropes can be made from:








PDO, for example, can be safely absorbed by the body so is favoured for temporary face lift over a few months. When they are absorbed, this stimulates the production of collagen under the skin. When permanent ropes are used made from silicon or polyester, for example, these stay under the skin. Using biocompatible rope has become more popular over the years as the technique has been perfected. When rope face lifts were first conceived, the only option available was the use of permanent ropes. With more options for patients to receive a non-surgical face lift, there has never been a better time to undergo this procedure.

The Procedure For A Rope Face Lift

The procedure of a rope face lift is straightforward and involves the insertion of threads with small cones or graspers on them under the skin. These are inserted using a large needle, the areas of which are marked by the surgeon. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the parts of your face and neck and the area cleaned to be sterile. The ropes are placed approximately 5mm under the skin’s surface and attach to the skin so that it can be firmed. Once they are stitched in place, the ropes are cut leaving the patient with the finished result.

The procedure can be performed quickly and there is minimal downtime to be experienced. The medical team will provide pain relief and your aftercare schedule, but you should be able to resume normal daily activities quickly.

Suitability for a Face Lift with Rope

A patient’s suitability for a face lift with rope is fully assessed during the consultation, but in general people with the following are suitable:

Men and women over 30 years of age

Sagging skin on the jowls, face, and neck

Patients without age-related illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Those seeking natural-looking, non-surgical results

Those with loose, thin skin in the areas needing treatment

Book a Consultation at Vera Clinic Today

At Vera Clinic here in Istanbul, Turkey, we look forward to hearing from patients looking to find out more about our face lift with rope procedure. Ideal if you want to avoid surgery and are looking for immediate results, book a consultation and we can assess your suitability today. We can help you with a quote for treatment as well accommodation in a 5-star hotel, flights, and transportation at affordable prices. You can find out more about the other services we offer at Vera Clinic, including hair and eyebrow transplants, cosmetic surgery options and dental aesthetics to help you address many types of body concern you may have.

Face Lift with Rope FAQs

Is the Face Lift with Rope Procedure Safe?

Yes, the procedure is performed by expert surgeons without the need to cut into the skin. At Vera Clinic, we follow high-quality standards to ensure patient safety and comfort whilst undergoing any procedure. As having a face lift with rope is minimally-invasive, it has a quick turnaround time and means you can resume normal daily activities quickly. All procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art medical facility in Istanbul, Turkey, and we only employ highly skilled, expert medical professionals, providing peace of mind for our many happy patients.

Is Having a Face Lift with Rope a Cheaper Alternative to Surgery?

Due to the high costs associated with having a traditional surgical face lift, a rope face lift can be much cheaper. This is because the procedure is typically much quicker to perform and less invasive than a regular face lift, yet still provides the high-quality results that patients desire. The procedure requires only a local anaesthesia compared to traditional surgery that requires a general anaesthetic, helping to keep costs low also. At Vera Clinic, we can provide cost packages that include not just the treatment but also flights to Turkey, accommodation and transportation that provide great value.

Will a Face Lift with Rope Provide Effective Results?

How effective the results will be depends on the induvial, which is why we recommend all patients have a consultation prior to any treatment. Our surgeons will assess the face and neck where you want to have a rope face lift and advise your suitability for treatment. If you are under the age of 30, for example, or have very little sagging or loose skin, they will advise this will not be suitable as the results will not be as effective.

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