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The Horrors of Cheap Hair Transplant: A Tale Of Compromise

The prices of cheap hair transplant can be extremely alluring, it’s always a good idea to save money. But beyond the charming and tempting price tag, are warning signs. Before catching on to an opportunity of cheap hair transplant, weigh out the risks beforehand. And become familiar with what part of your treatment you’re compromising on.

Definition Of Cheap Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is considered cheap if it falls way below the average range within a specific country.

So for instance, in the USA the average hair transplant costs around 15,000$ to 20,000$ for FUE hair transplant. A cheap hair transplant would be 4,500$ to 6,000 $ for FUE.

As a rule of thumb if the price of procedure is 70% less than average, it is considered a cheap hair transplant.

Likewise in Turkey, the average hair transplant cost is around 2,500$ to 3,500$. Prices that fall significantly under this price range are a red flag.

Why Should You Worry About Cheap Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is microsurgery, it is low-risk, it has no downtime, and the wounds are small. But it is still a surgical procedure. Meaning you have to perform your procedure in a surgical room to avoid complications and infection which are serious threats.

To avoid infection and complications you need to perform your hair transplant in a hospital with comprehensive services. And this means you have to pay for these services.

Using hospital facilities has its own costs which go into the price. These include sterilization, equipment, and instruments, machines that monitor your heart rate, oxygen levels, breathing; and the list goes on. In the end, this amounts to a high fee to service value. But in turn, you get your money’s worth by achieving the hair of your dreams safely and successfully. Click the link to read about our hospital building.

Operation room costs are measured per minute and are standardized in every country. Meaning there is a certain amount of fee that comes with using operation rooms. Now when prices go way below the average it means you are compromising on something.

Be it sterilization of space, use of operation room, or unqualified surgeons. Something must be off for the costs to be this low.

The Truth Behind Cheap Hair Transplant

1. No Operation Rooms

Here’s the thing, most of the hair transplant centers do not have their own health facilities. What commonly happens is a small medical cadre get together and rent out a flat in a hospital building. So their access to hospital facilities such as operation rooms is under restriction.

Hence, when you pay for a cheap hair transplant, you are actually getting your hair transplant in a regular office. Which can be extremely high-risk.

2. Unqualified Surgeons

You will notice that centers with cheap hair transplants cost either have low ratings on google or no before and after pictures, If you find either of those two in a center offering cheap hair transplant then stay away. The results are very disastrous or they have no practice hence why there are no before and after pictures.

Secondly, google ratings and reviews are the most honest feedback you can get. So take those comments to heart.

In Closing

A cheap hair transplant is a price that falls way below the range for a certain country. Hence you can’t compare any two countries together, and here is why. But what you should do is find the average hair transplant cost in a particular country and compare it with the attractive offer you came across.

Anything that is 50-70% less than the average price range is a warning sign. More often than not it means you are compromising on an essential aspect to a hair transplant procedure. It could be qualified surgeons, a fully prepared operation room, space sterilization, and so on. Which typically leads to disastrous outcomes and botched jobs.  Some of the complications and infections can even be fatal.

So, in closing, be wise and research well. Make sure the offers you’re interested in are reasonable enough for a safe hair transplant.

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