Melike Aytekin

Melike Aytekin

Melike Aytekin


Dr. Melike Aytekin is an exceptional dentist with an eye for detail and an excellent vision for aesthetics. Sculpting her knowledge into brilliance through extensive practices conducted between the biggest dentistry locations in the world, Poland, and Turkey; Dr. Aytekin started her journey in Istanbul University.

Finding a penchant for dental implants and oral implantology in general, Dr, Aytekin continues to extend her knowledge of the discipline by seeking a PhD in the field from Turkey’s most prestigious university, Istanbul University.

Interning in some of the world’s biggest institutions such as Akademia Medyczna w Warszawie in Poland, has allowed Dr. Melike Aytekin to be savvy in the practices and disciplines of dentistry. Her knowledge of dentistry is further defined by her versatile practices from laser dentistry to forensic dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery.


10 years



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