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Mesotherapy Technique , Youth Vaccine, and Salmon DNA

The applications of the trinity of rejuvenation vary according to age. For patients under 30 years of age, vitamins and minerals are sufficient to revitalize the skin. Whereas patients over 30 years of age can add to vitamins and minerals the element of hyaluronic acid to preserve a youthful glow.

For patients over 45, a combination of salmon DNA, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and peptides is necessary for keeping a healthy youthful glow. Aside from age, factors that include health conditions, genetic structure of skin, and lifestyle play a role in determining a treatment combination.

For instance, the physical will evaluate your skin for the presence of blemishes, degree inelasticity, and wrinkles. All the above will influence treatment plan, and therefore every patient required a different recipe for optimal success. Result appear instantly after session.




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