Laser Hair Treatment In Turkey

Laser hair treatment in Turkey is the cost-effective solution for hair loss, with results that speak for themselves. For some people hair loss is an inevitable part of life, but this natural process doesn’t need to be the be-all and end-all, which is why we at Vera Clinic offer numerous hair transplant services, allowing you to possess the head of hair that you desire, stopping the clock, and fighting back against the process of aging. Advanced laser therapy for hair loss is the perfect solution, using pioneering technologies in laser hair treatment, we will have you looking and feeling exactly as you know you deserve to.

Why Choose Laser Hair Treatment In Turkey?

When looking for a hair loss solution, more and more individuals are looking towards laser hair treatment as a viable option to restore their lost hair. Although men suffer with the issue of hair loss more so than women, we offer laser hair treatment to both genders equally, as we understand that hair loss isn’t an issue isolated to only one half of the population. At Vera Clinic, our surgeons have many years of experience in treating patients with hair growth issues, and we believe the option of laser hair growth is an extremely beneficial one when it comes to follicular restoration. Whether you require laser hair treatment for extreme levels of hair thinning, hair loss, or patchiness of hair, our laser hair growth procedure will reinstate your forgotten hairline, and with it, your long-lost confidence.

Laser Hair Growth: How It Works

The way in which laser hair treatment works is done is with the use of low-dose lasers, used within our advanced laser therapy for hair loss, that encourage and stimulate blood circulation within the follicle region, strengthening the hair follicle growth in the designated area. As a non-surgical treatment, the procedure of laser hair treatment consists of the application of low-level laser lights emitted directly onto your scalp, repairing the follicular tissue that has reduced cellular metabolism with the stimulation of blood circulation, and in turn, encouraging the regeneration of healthier scalp tissues. Believe it or not, every day, you will lose an average of 100 hairs from your scalp. Normally, these hairs would grow back to their full potential, but there are various reasons that the hair would not degenerate to its former composition. Reasons for hair loss can not always be prevented, but they can be reversed with the help of advanced laser therapy for hair loss here at Vera Clinic. Reasons for hair loss can be:

The natural aging process

Imbalances or changes in hormones

Insufficient intake of nutrition or poor diet

Hereditary, due to your individual genealogy

Medical conditions


A stressful lifestyle

Whatever the reason may be for your hair loss, based on your own individual circumstance, laser hair treatment can be the solution to your hair loss problem and restore your full head of hair to its former glory.

Laser Hair Treatment Turkey: What Does It Do?

Advanced laser therapy for hair loss works by irradiating photons within you scalp tissue. The photons, once engaged, will be absorbed by weaker cells, encouraging stimulation, and resulting in hair growth. The process of laser hair growth encouragement is extremely safe and generally, no side effects are reported. It is also a pain free procedure, which is another reason for its growing popularity. Compared to other forms of hair transplant surgery the nature of laser hair treatment is far less invasive.

The positive impacts a laser hair growth procedure can have on your life are vast and will improve your quality of living to a drastic extent. It’s a win-win situation with laser hair therapy, as it is non-invasive, entirely painless, no side effects are reported and it will increase your overall hair strength, along with stimulating new hair growth.

Available for patients suffering from hair thinning, hair loss and androgenetic alopecia, laser hair treatment revitalises the hair and rejuvenates hair follicles. Our advanced laser therapy for hair loss has been scientifically proven to increase hair thickness, creating healthier hair. For male patients, this procedure is excellent for men who are experiencing a receding hairline, or male pattern baldness. If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, booking in with one of our consultants would be advisable to sufficiently assess the correct procedure for you. As up to half of men suffer hair loss of some degree throughout their lifetime, from as early as their 20s, advanced laser therapy for hair loss has become extremely popular, and due to its non-invasive nature, an excellent choice for men who want the job done, without the fuss.

The Laser Hair Growth Cycle

Your hair will constantly, consistently shed throughout your lifetime. Although this process can be entirely normal, sometimes the excess at which it sheds can prove to be detrimental, and results in a receding hair line or baldness. Laser hair treatment will assist in stabilising the normal growth process, feeding the scalp tissue with stimulated blood vessels, and nourishing them for growth. There are 4 main stages involved in the growth cycle of hair:

Anagen: the rapid growth phase

Catagen: here, the follicle will shrink, signifying the end of active growth, lasting for 10 days on average.

Telogen: this is the resting phase for hair growth as the follicles become lifeless and fall out.

Exogen: during this phase, roughly 50-150 hairs can fall out daily.

Laser Hair Treatment In Turkey – FAQs

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