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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Have FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant is a very traditional technique launched in the 80s. It remains prevalent nowadays because of its affordable costs compared to more modern techniques. But it has several side effects. So why opt for it when there is better?

Why You Should Not Opt For FUT Hair Transplant

There are many reasons why FUT hair transplant isn’t a suitable option for you. But here are the top 3 reasons.

1- It Is Outdated

FUT is the first technique of hair transplantation to emerge. As a result of its limitations, it was subject to modifications and enhancement which resulted in the birth of FUE. Later on, variants of FUE surfaced, and FUT was shoved to the back as it cannot compete against the various modern techniques.

2- FUT Hair Transplant Causes Visible Scarring

One of the many limitations of the FUT hair transplant is that it leaves behind a linear scar. To extract hair follicles with FUT hair transplant, your doctor has to remove a piece of skin from your scalp. The wound of FUT hair transplant is very big that it needs sutures. And after that, it will heal into a very visible hair transplant scar.

3- Higher Risk Of Infection

Unlike FUE, FUT hair transplant is not microsurgery. It requires the excisions and stitching of a particular area on the scalp. The size of the wound and the stitching poses a higher risk of infection compared to alternative treatments.

4- Side Effects Of FUT Hair Transplant

The invasive nature of the FUT process brings about adverse side effects. The most popular of which is numbness in the scalp. The scalp numbness occurs due to nerve cutting as the skin is being removed. The numbness can either last for a few months or in some instances can become permanent.

Better Alternatives To FUT Hair Transplant? 

Differences Between FUE And FUT
Differences Between FUE And FUT

With all the downsides of FUT hair transplant, one might wonder why many still opt for it. In reality, the majority who opt for FUT hair transplant, do so as a result of a tight budget. In regions like Europe and the USA, FUE is more expensive. The higher price leaves no chance for the ones struggling with self-image issues but to compromise. Even though FUE is not within everyone’s price range, it does not necessarily mean impossible.

In the last decade, the sector of medical tourism has experienced a rise in popularity. People from all around the world are seeking medical tourism for a life-changing makeover. In countries like Turkey, were thousands visit for hair transplants, the field has surpassed the standard. Medical tourists are taking advantage of affordable prices and high quality to transform their hair.

The rapid advancement of the Turkish hair transplant field left no place for FUT hair transplant. Instead, FUE and variants of FUE are taking over, giving men and women a platform to restore their confidence without compromise.

In Summary

Although FUT hair transplant is financially accessible for the majority, its side effects are vast. From scarring to the possibility of permanent nerve damage, FUT could not be more of an inconvenience. The harsh reality about hair transplant in the UK, Europe, and the USA is that despite the field advancing, FUT hair transplant is still a viable option. Mostly because it is priced much lower than cutting-edge techniques such as FUE.

Countries like Turkey offer cutting-edge techniques in state-of-the-art-facilities at affordable prices. Bringing back your crown does not mean you have to sacrifice your satisfaction.

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