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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Write a Better List

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Write a Better List

As December comes to an end and the celebrations for the beginning of yet another trip around the sun ensue, awakens a dormant trait within us, almost a survival instinct passed on to us from ancient civilizations, an evolutionary advantage if you will – the way we never miss on it: setting New Year’s resolutions. If they exist for a purpose, then it is to highlight our optimism and ability to always find hope. Regardless of how many times we have failed to accomplish the content of our lists, we continue to set new objectives, often the same objectives for the coming year. That is ladies and gentlemen why we are here today, to break this cycle of despair by guiding you to write successful New Year’s resolutions.


Why do New Year’s resolutions fail?

1- They are unrealisticnew year party GIF by Scorpion Dagger

Every year we set our selves for failure, the reason we never go through with our goals is that they are often impractical big steps that in imagination are easy to achieve. In reality, fruitful work takes baby steps that build up over time.

Instead of setting up long-term goals, plan for a maximum of 3 months ahead. Although short-term goals are not as thrilling particularly when you’re filled with adrenaline and excitement as you’re scribbling through your notebook, they are more successful. For example, weight loss. On everyone’s list, weight loss never fails to make an iconic appearance, and every year millions of us slack on it. Visit your gym on the first of January, and you cannot step a foot without hitting someone. However, come back again on say, the middle of January, and the place would resemble a Mary Celeste.

What people should do instead is incorporate minor changes in their diets that are easy to follow through. We suggest, cutting down on sugars, completely abandoning sodas, and walking the minimum of 10,000 steps required daily for a healthy life. In a few weeks, you will begin to notice changes in your body and overall health. This progress will be a source of encouragement for you to not only continue but also a motivation to implement stricter changes so that over time, you can get to your goal weight.

2- They are non-specific

Another reason our resolutions fail is that they are generic. We aim to work on fixing a particular problem without knowing the roots of it. As a result, we end up neck-deep in frustration and confusion as to why the specific issue is not wearing off. Some of us might be chasing after confidence and high self-esteem, but regardless of how fast we run towards it, we can never seem to catch up to it, worse yet it is no longer within our vision zone. Truth is, if you stop to reflect on the situation for a bit, you might find that you are running the other way.

What you should do instead is, list down what is causing your self-esteem issues, is it a particular feature? You could be losing your hair, and although there is no shame in that, your self-esteem is dropping with every strand falling. Instead of writing “be more confident” every year; look at the source and try fixing it. If your case is hair loss, there are many options to restore your crown’s glory either non-surgically or surgically. Put an end to this vicious loop, and for once enjoy your self.

3- The wrong approach

This is also a prevalent element in why our New Year’s resolutions fail. We might never know how to accomplish a certain thing, but what we do instead is write it on our lists every year without fail. A common wish that fits this category is getting the “perfect body.” Sometimes, regardless of how much we sweat at the gym, and our strict sugar-free diets, certain areas of fat just do not seem to shed off. Stubborn fat can be a source of self-esteem issues for you, no matter how many times you’re told you look great, and you probably do, you cannot seem to see it. Instead, every time the camera is pointed at you, you go into hiding.

It would be better for you and your mental health to break this cycle. Open your eyes to the world and think out of the box, instead of living your youth years struggling to accept your self, achieve what you want through non-traditional ways. There are a lot of body contouring surgeries and procedures that can shape your body the way you have always desired.

Bottom line

In a few days begins a new chapter of our life, that hopefully will be full of lots of pictures, memories

happy new year smiling GIF

delicious food, and most importantly great company. Feel good about your self always, and if an issue persists never accept it as part of your life just because traditional ways may not work. There are many options to try for a better you from dentistry to body contouring, to facial rejuvenation, and hair restoration. Loving yourself does not fit one criterion where we have to accept our flaws forcefully. Do not let society or your closeted thinking hinder you from achieving what you want. The key to your happiness does not have to be through conventional methods.

Whatever you decide, make sure it is for you and your mental well being. Imprisoning yourself in a bubble of doubt and isolation will only waste your years. This year, do things differently and bloom like a rose.


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