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Who Is Eligible For A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Vera Clinic offers the very best hair transplants in Turkey, with award winning results. Eligibility for a FUE hair transplant at our clinic in Istanbul depends on a variety of factors, with many aspects taken into consideration before a hair transplant is deemed suitable.

We strive to allow as many applicants as possible to receive one of our hair transplant procedures, but we must always take a safety-first approach when we review our candidates, ensuring that a hair transplant is the appropriate option for them.

Eligibility for a Hair Transplant

There are certain criteria for a hair transplant that must be met. These include the following.

Hair Type

Eligibility for a hair transplant largely comes down to the characteristics of the patient’s hair. Factors such as texture, colour and density of follicle will all come into consideration here. We strive to allow as many patients who come to us as possible to receive a hair transplant, even offering Afro hair transplants for applicants with denser follicles.

Scalp Flexibility

Also known as scalp laxity, this is something we also consider when reviewing applicants for hair transplant eligibility. Low laxity, or a tight scalp, may make it more difficult to remove and transplant follicles.

Cause of Baldness

If you have gone bald due to trauma such as scarring or burning, this will make you a perfect candidate in terms of eligibility for a hair transplant.  You will also be eligible if you have become bald due to conditions including androgenic alopecia, traction alopecia or alopecia marginalis.

Donor Hair Density

Eligibility for hair transplant also comes down to the hair from a donor site. Having a dense donor site is essential as the hair from side of the scalp must be dense enough to be able to transfer it to the problem areas.

Who Is Not Eligible for a Hair Transplant?

Unfortunately, not everyone meets the criteria for hair transplant eligibility. Individuals who have been bald since birth will not be eligible unfortunately, due to the fact that a hair transplant involves the transfer of follicles from one part of the scalp to another. If no follicles are present, this will not be possible, and you will not meet our criteria for a hair transplant.

We also advise those under the age of 24 against a hair transplant. This minimum age is put in place to allow your hair growth cycle to run its full course, allowing for better results when you approach us for a hair transplant in the future.

Medical or health complications are also criteria assessed when deciding who is or who is not eligible for a hair transplant. We offer a simple procedure with exceptional results, but some matters in terms of health will mean you do not meet our criteria for hair transplant eligibility. Health concerns include:

Allergies to Anaesthesia

As we use local anaesthetic for a hair transplant procedure, you will not be a viable candidate if you have any allergies in this respect.

Blood-borne Illnesses

If you have a blood borne illness such as HIV or Hepatitis, you will usually not meet the criteria for hair transplant eligibility. Consult one of our physicians here at Vera Clinic if you are unsure.


This condition limits the ability of blood from clothing. This can cause complication when it comes to a hair transplant so medical advice is advised.

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