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Turkey’s Affordable Hair Transplant Industry: Behind The Scenes

An online feud presenting itself in the form of pseudo informative articles is flooding search engines. The polarizing topic of hair transplants in Turkey continues to be the primary subject. Opinions oscillating like a pendulum between the two extremes of the spectrum. Each with an agenda to promote, a goal to get, and profit to meet.

The controversy is the result of Turkey’s threatening and dominating presence in the market. Turkey’s success begs for competitors to use already-present bias against it. In attempts to dim its success for their own financial gains. Likewise, it allows uncertified clinics and hospitals to ride the wave of success for undeserved profit.

Patients tend to segregate towards either category, acquiring fears, or investing blind trust. Either missing out on a memorable experience of affordable hair restoration or having a regrettable one. So what is the truth behind Turkey’s Affordable hair transplant industry? Where does the cursor of trust lie on the made-murky by excessive advertising spectrum?

Behind The Scenes Of The World’s Biggest Hair Transplant Industry

Here is what is never said about the world’s most successful hair transplant industry and also the world’s most affordable: it’s versatile.

Hair transplants in Turkey are neither a magical adventure or a nightmare ridden experience. Much like the healthcare system in every region in the world, diligence and vigilance are both necessary. As a patient, you should do the research before going under the knife.

UK and Europe patients practice the same approach of safety. Trusting any hospital without doing much research is a risky game. And it could cost you more than just money. Thus neither media-induced apprehension nor guard-down trust is the ideal mechanism.

Are Affordable Hair Transplants In Turkey Suspicious?

The incessant bickering on Turkey’s hair transplant industry isn’t a wholesome act. The competition is depriving hospitals in Europe and the USA of immense profits.

Whether in the UK or the USA, the average salary to average hair transplants cost ratio is around 0.15. When applying this equation to Turkey we get the same numbers. In other words, the affordability of hair transplants in Turkey is a matter of perspective.

Looking at the costs through a lens stripped of prejudice will clear your doubts. The procedure being low-cost is a matter of you being a medical tourist, an individual earning your money in dollars euros or pounds. Locals in Turkey do not perceive the procedure to be anywhere near cheap.

Turkey’s hair transplant industry has created a host of opportunities for health tourists. It has become a medium through which many patients seek professional help. The low costs do not compromise on quality.

Why You Should Consider Hair Transplants In Turkey

Patients are starting to take advantage of price differences around the globe. Turkey’s affordable hair transplant industry has become a silver-lining for the chrome domes.

Baldness causes intense emotional distress and breaks one’s self-esteem. Left with persistent feelings of inadequacy that seems to never prevail, patients search in despair for a solution.

FUE hair transplant, the most modern method of hair transplantation, is expensive in the UK. Well, technically it’s pricey everywhere around the globe. But, from a European perspective, countries like Turkey offer hair transplants for what may seem “cheap”.

So instead of patients opting for FUT hair transplants in the UK. Patients can opt for the modern FUE in Turkey’s affordable hair transplant. FUT is a method that belongs to the past with its inconvenient side effects. Patients seek the comforts of FUE in Turkey to get the best results with a peaceful heart and spend a few days exploring the country post-procedure. Even with travel fees included, the costs of FUE hair transplants in Turkey will be cheaper than FUT in the UK.

FUT Hair Transplants VS FUE Hair Transplants

FUE is a favorite among patients for various reasons, the prime factor is its efficiency. FUT hair transplants install an invasive protocol. Typically one that leaves a visible linear scar on the scalp and causes nerve damage in the treated area.

The visibility of the scars limits patients’ selection of hairstyles in the future. Provided the size of the wound and it’s visibility and prominence if the procedure fails patients are apt to live with the consequences. In other words, patients can’t opt for two FUT procedures.

FUE, on the other hand, possesses the traits of minimal damage and most efficiency.

Invisible scarring, no nerve damage, and rapid recovery as a result of the minuscule wounds. These factors in the long term allow for better styling options.

Yet despite the conspicuous superiority of the FUE procedure, statistics show that FUT is more common in the UK. Fires of financial inaccessibility kindle the peculiar order of events. put, FUE is unattainable. Patients have come to, so, seek hair restoration abroad.

Are Affordable Hair Transplants In Turkey Safe?

The million-dollar question! The safety of an affordable hair transplant in Turkey is équivalant to any other country. There are certain precautions to ensure you don’t fall victim to false advertisement.

1– Check If The Hospital Is Certified

Health tourism has become an increasingly flourishing industry. Likewise, the Turkish ministry of health has taken measures to ensure the safety of international patients. Hence creating an official list of certified health tourism hospitals. The following link contains an inclusive index in a PDF format of all certified medical tourism hospitals.

2- Shy Away From Google Search Ads

When searching for hair transplants in Turkey, abstain from engaging with hospitals that appear as ads on google. Look instead to hair transplant hospitals that have rightfully earned a place on the first page through dedication and hard work.

3– Check The Hospital’s Quality Of Medical Care Through Google Reviews

Read through google reviews to gather enough information. This helps you gain authentic insight into the hospital’s quality of medical care. Feedback from previous patients is the straw that cuts doubts from facts. Every medical care facility claims to focus on patients, but the truth in most cases is far from that.

4- Review Before And After Photos

Before and after pictures are a portal that transports you into a vivid lens that projects precisely on the skill of the surgeon. Thus, skim through the binder of available transformations at the hospital and decide for your self.

The Best Destinations For Affordable Hair Transplant

In truth, other countries have opened a niche for international chrome domes. Hair loss patients can opt for hair restoration for relatively cheaper prices. Some of the rising countries in the field of hair transplants include India, Poland, and Lithuania.

The average hair transplant price in Poland is around $4500 but prices can peak to around $10000. Perhaps due to India’s recent presence in the realm of hair transplantation, there are no exact numbers. But, most Indian hair transplant centers tend to charge per graft instead of an overall cost. In Lithuania on the other hand, the average hair transplant cost is around $7500.

In Closing

To appreciate the potential of Turkey’s hair transplant industry, an open mind should be maintained. No different from a medical care experience anywhere else in the world, there are threats. However, doing the diligence will ensure a safe experience.

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