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Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss

Men aren’t the only people who struggle with hair loss, women do as well. There are lots of different reasons why hair loss can occur, including age, genetics, pregnancy, medication, stress, imbalanced hormones and more. When it comes down to treating hair loss, some methods will help to combat your hair falling out, but if you are suffering from hair loss down to age or genetics this will be more difficult.

Many who don’t find ways to deal with their hair loss will turn to a hair transplant and at Vera Clinic, we perform female hair transplants in Turkey. If you are looking for a UK-based female hair loss treatment, it can be unaffordable for many. Most women decide to go abroad to Turkey where the prices are much more affordable. Here are some ways you can treat female pattern hair loss, before turning to a hair transplant as a last resort…

Best hair loss treatment for females UK

When it comes to organising the best hair loss treatment for female UK citizens, there can be several different effective treatments. You will only need to resort to surgery or expensive treatment when you know the hair loss can’t be stopped by diet, exercise, stopping certain medications, sorting out any vitamin deficiencies, limiting stress levels or balancing out your hormones. All of these things can cause hair loss and you will need to focus on them to see if they have something to do with your hair thinning or bald patches appearing. For example, an iron deficiency can be identified if you get this checked out at your local doctor’s surgery. Once you have found out about any deficiencies, you can take supplements and eat more of the right foods, this may result in your hair growing back and nothing falling out.

The best hair loss treatment for UK based women can be self-care as a natural treatment, making sure you practice daily relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, yoga or any slow mindfulness activities that can be effective.

Other ways to treat female pattern hair loss

Some other ways to help treat female pattern hair loss are hair lotion, in particular containing minoxidil. The results after using this prove effective for many women and the hair loss should completely slow down altogether. You apply the solution or foam to the scalp and rub it on. Make sure you are staying away from any hair products that might damage your hair, such as shampoos with too many chemicals or strong hair dyes. It’s worth remembering your hair is always at its most delicate when it is wet, so you should leave it to dry naturally and avoid brushing it until it’s dry. It would also be worthwhile to always leave your hair down at night when you are sleeping, if it’s tied up it can be pulled and consequently, come loose from your head and fall out. You can prevent female pattern hair loss by practising these small but important tips.

Why go for a hair transplant?

For those who can’t seem to manage hair loss and are beginning to see thinning hair and bald patches on their scalp, a hair transplant could be the best method to go for. The procedure will take about 8-10 hours and there is some crucial aftercare that will need to be practised, however, it is all worth it for the results. Women all over the UK travel to Turkey for their hair transplant as it’s affordable, a sort after holiday destination and home to some of the best hair transplant surgeons.

The advantages to going for a hair transplant are minimal pain and discomfort after the surgery, virtually no scarring, improve confidence with a full head of hair, minimal downtime after the operation, natural-looking results and low risk of complications compared to other surgical procedures.

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