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Toxic Masculinity and Cosmetic Surgery

Contaminated by unreasonable gender apartheid and delicate masculinity, the obsession with social constructs have reached toxic levels. In everyday life, the excessive need to accentuate their masculinity, have resulted in men straying away from self-care and closer to the affectation of manhood. The effects of these pretenses have developed into internalized anger and self-destructive behavior.

However, a wave of “woke” as the internet calls it, has hit our society. Unreasonable standards of masculinity, are slowly dissolving away, and men are becoming more confident in their masculinity and unthreatened by the natural inclinations of self-love and self-care.

Benefits of cosmetic surgery for men:

1- Increased self-esteem

The effects of unrealistic beauty standards are daunting regardless of gender, women, and men alike are finding it hard to fit the mold. Some are born with the desired qualities meeting societal requirements. Some are entirely indifferent to the trends and possess deep self-love. And some, are forever in despair being very distant from the standards for handsomeness and beauty set by our society.

Although the better approach is to attempt to accept and value your insecurities, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is no approach lest self-love is out of reach.

Cosmetic surgery can be your route to better mental health. Liposuction can help set you on the track to a ripped body and giving you a boost to reach your goals faster. Dealing with hair loss? Resorting to isolation is not the solution. Hair transplants can restore your crown, giving you the confidence boost you deserted long ago.

Insecure about your smile? The years of smoking or genetic factors may have stolen the glow of your pearly whites. However, holding back your smile or covering it is not an approach that any person deserves to follow. Cosmetic dentistry will have you smiling confidently.

2- A better social life

Having a better social experience is equal parts the effects of the increased self-esteem and the projected attractiveness gained from subtle alterations that enhance facial symmetry and beauty. In turn, that acquired traits will be portrayed on the way an individual carries themselves self and how they are perceived.

The aura of confidence and masculinity will reflect on first-impressions positively.

3- Better career opportunities

Study after study proves that handsome men are more successful. A beautiful smile, thick hair, and a fit body can contribute dramatically to success in a work environment. Appearing more trustworthy, intelligent, and charismatic can win you job positions you never even dreamt of. All it takes is confidence and subtle differences to take you from sidekick to heartthrob.

In summary

Being a “man” has nothing to do with aggression and poor hygiene and everything to do with self-care.
It is advised to accept your flaws, but if they’re affecting your daily life, then you have alternative options other than drowning in self-esteem issues. Cosmetic surgery is exponentially growing in popularity among men for its various benefits on physical appearance and can consequential effects on a person’s lifestyle.

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