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The Truth About Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair loss can be unavoidable after giving birth and postpartum hair loss affects many women after they give birth. Lots of new mums will have to deal with shedding hair and this will usually peak at about four months after giving birth.

By the child’s first birthday the hair will often start growing back and new mums will hopefully regain their normal hair growth. However, this isn’t the same for every new mum, some women keep losing hair.

It is recommended to see a dermatologist if your hair isn’t regaining the fullness it once had, they can recommend treatments to help. Some end up going for a female hair transplant and this is one of the options we provide at Vera Clinic in Turkey. Here we will talk about when does postpartum hair loss start and when does it stop.

When Does Postpartum Hair Loss Start

 It is hard to know exactly when postpartum hair loss might set in, but it can be any day after your baby arrives and unfortunately, it can last for about a year.

For some women, it lasts even longer than this and often this is when people end up taking further action. Most women that experience this type of hair loss will see a peak after 4 months, so if you are worried about losing hair and it’s a few months after you gave birth, this is normal.

You will know there is a bigger problem if you are still losing hair after your child’s first birthday. You can find more stories about hair loss in women to make sure you know you are not alone in this and get some advice.

When Does Postpartum Hair Loss Stop

You can expect hair loss to happen in chunks if it’s related to giving birth and categorised as postpartum hair loss. Many new mums who are still losing hair months after giving birth wonder when does postpartum hair loss stops? The most common time for postpartum hair loss to stop is 3-6 months after the baby has been born.

You would expect to have stopped losing hair before the baby’s first birthday. If you’re a new mother or pregnant and wondering whether you will lose hair after giving birth, it’s natural to think about when does hair loss stop after having a baby.

Ways To Deal With Hair Loss

 When it comes to dealing with hair loss, it can be stressful and for some women postpartum hair loss is unavoidable. If you find yourself losing confidence because the hair isn’t growing back, you have options for a hair transplant.

If you have balanced out your hormones after giving birth and it has been a few months, there are options you can consider if the hair loss isn’t stopping. For those who would like a quote or are wondering when postpartum hair loss starts, we are happy to answer any hair transplant-related questions if you contact us at Vera Clinic.