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The Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women

Losing hair can be stressful and difficult to combat if you don’t know the reasons behind it. Both women and men can start losing hair at any point in their lives for a variety of reasons.

It can be harder to stop if the reasons are hereditary and hair loss runs in the individual’s family, however, if this isn’t the case, there are some ways to stop your hair from falling out. When hair loss can’t be stopped, the only solution is treatment, and here we will explain some of the best hair loss treatments available to those suffering… 

Hair Transplants For a Long Term Solution

 For those who have been struggling for a long period of time and can’t seem to stop their hair loss, a hair transplant could be the best solution.

If you are already balding and you know the hair won’t grow back in certain areas, there are options to replace this hair in a hair transplant procedure. For those who know it runs in their family to lose hair, a transplant could be the best option to hide your hair loss before it gets any worse.

The best hair loss treatment for you might be an FUE hair transplant, this popular method of replacing hair has many advantages and it poses fewer risks than other forms of treatment.

If you are thinking about a hair transplant and weighing up your options, many decide on getting the treatment in Turkey as it’s the most affordable place in Europe for this. The Turkish surgeons are also very well-reviewed and trustworthy, they use award-winning techniques when performing hair transplants.

Medication To Help Hair Loss

 Medication is the best hair loss treatment for some people who are struggling to control their hair problems. For those who know it’s a disease or something underlying that’s causing their hair to fall out, they can rely on medication to help solve the problem. However, if it’s a specific medication that is resulting in your hair loss, you should discuss stopping this with a doctor.

One of the most popular medications available to those suffering from hair loss and baldness is Minoxidil (Rogaine), this is a nonprescription medication and can be purchased over the counter. You will usually find it in a liquid form or as a foam shampoo.

This medication will take a few months to start working properly and can sometimes cause side effects like scalp irritation or hair growth in unwanted places, like your hands.

There are other medications available like Finasteride (Propecia) that are only for men to use for hair loss. If you think medication is the best hair loss treatment for you and you can handle the side effects, give it a go.

Natural Solutions To Help With Hair Loss

If you are looking for some natural ways to quickly improve hair loss, you can focus on a few different methods and see if they work.

The first one is managing your stress levels as this is one of the main causes of hair loss, you can do this by exercising, taking more time out for yourself and cutting out too much sugar. Focusing on eating a balanced diet and prioritising exercise can help hair loss and naturally improve your mood.

Along with managing stress and what you are putting into your system, you can try to balance out your hormones to help hair loss.

Exercise and eating well can help with this along with getting enough sleep and practising relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, meditation and yoga. If you have tried all of these recommendations and you don’t seem to be losing less hair, there are always options for transplants and wigs.

Go Ahead and Book Your Treatment

When you have decided on the best hair loss treatment for you, go ahead and make an appointment if you need to. We are always here to discuss any questions and provide a quote if you want to contact us at Vera Clinic. Whether you make some changes to your lifestyle, start medication, or book a hair transplant, we hope your hair will start to grow back as soon as possible.