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Taking care of your hair transplant in Turkey

Taking care of your hair transplant in Turkey

Medical tourism is a growing trend for UK patients seeking elective cosmetic surgery.The cost is usually cheaper, a wider range of procedures are available, and you have access to a greater selection of skilled surgeons and clinics, too. One of the most popular overseas cosmetology treatments is the hair transplant in Turkey. Many patients visit Vera Clinic in Turkey each year, in order to undergo this procedure.

But what can you expect from your own hair surgery experience, and how long will the recovery take? Plus, how can you keep your hair looking great long after the treatment is done? Below you will find tips on caring for your hair.

Recovery right after the hair transplant

Unlike some cosmetic surgery procedures, you will not usually be put to sleep for a hair transplant. Instead, a local anesthetic is used. To help you relax during the procedure, you might also need a sedative. You will be fine to return to your accommodation in Turkey on the same day as your treatment. However, you are likely to be drowsy and dazed, so you must not drive and ideally, you will have someone to take care of you.

To aid your recovery, we provide care packages for our patients that include creams, lotions and sprays. These ease any pain or discomfort and keep the skin and hair lubricated. There are also basic medical supplies so you can tend to the graft site and keep it protected. Don’t be alarmed if you notice some shedding in the first few days. This is just your body responding to the graft. If you do have any concerns, you can speak to your consultant.

Prolonging the effects of your hair transplant

While you get better from your hair transplant, Turkey is a great place to be. During your stay, we encourage you to relax and recuperate from your treatment. It might be tempting to hit the beach and show off your new look, however, the transplanted hair is delicate at first, as is the skin surrounding it. Sun, chlorine and salt are best avoided until recovery is complete. Don’t worry though – there is still lots to see and do during your stay. Cover up with a suitable hat, and hit the shops, restaurants and museums for a daily dose of fun!

Your consultant will usually give you a special shampoo to use while your hair transplant settles. Make sure to use this for the full time recommended. You might also be prescribed antibiotics for the first week or two. Take the full course to prevent any infection setting in.

Styling and cutting transplanted hair

After a hair transplant, it takes time for the grafted follicles to grow in. As they do, hair will appear thicker and fuller. By around three to six months, you will certainly be ready for a cut! By this point, the grafts will have taken and it is perfectly safe to cut, style and even color your hair.

For more information about hair transplant in Turkey contact Vera Clinic. Call or email us to speak with a member of the team about your own cosmetology needs.

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