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Pursuing a Baldness Cure: The Best Path to Hair Restoration

a baldness cure since the beginning of civilization. And the methods by which they try to sell that cure have not changed dramatically. These new companies, they’re trotting out the same promises that people trotted out in Roman times, when they said, ‘Use this hippopotamus fat to grow hair on your head!’ “

– Gersh Kuntzman, Author of “Hair!: Mankind’s Historic Quest to End Baldness” 

People have been pursuing a baldness cure since the beginning of civilization. From hair-growth potions to hairpieces, the hair loss treatment industry has exploded across the globe. This is especially true in North America, Europe, and Asia. Below is a look at some of the reasons why so many people want to cure baldness along with the best path to hair restoration.

Why do so many people want to cure baldness?

Bald young man

There are many factors that contribute to our obsession with curing baldness. From a desire to look youthful to the notion that a thick head of hair is attractive to the opposite sex, people are relentless in their pursuit of a baldness cure. Here are a few of the main reasons why the global hair loss market is projected to reach $11.8 billion by 2024.

An obsession with youth seems to be permeating cultures on every continent. And hair loss typically accelerates with age. Medical Hair Replacement specialist Dr. Conor Kiely notes that hair loss can accentuate the wrinkles on a person’s face and make them look older. With more people than ever hoping to maintain their youthful appearance, baldness prevention has become a thriving specialty in the healthcare industry.

2) Baldness can lower a person’s self-esteem

“People create confidence and self-esteem from (their hair), and when they lose even a little bit, if their character and confidence is based on that, they’re going to have severe emotional and psychological impacts.”

– David Fenton, Member of the British Association of Dermatologists

Men and women derive much of their self-esteem from their image. Hair loss can shatter the confidence of men and women alike, especially those who feel excessive pressure to look their best all the time. Baldness can be particularly devastating to men who already suffer from a lack of self-esteem.

For centuries, hair has been a link between hair loss and power and sexuality. When hair begins to thin, some people worry that their masculinity or femininity are compromised, making them less attractive to the opposite sex. Larry David, the creator of the hit show Seinfeld, once articulated the uphill battle facing balding men. In order to impress women, balding men have to “Dress a little better, make a little more money, and have a little more charm just to compete.”

What is the best treatment for baldness?

While a baldness cure may not yet exist, advances in the field of hair transplantation have elevated hair transplants to the top of the list of treatments to combat hair loss. Hair transplants yield more impressive results in contrast to other advertised ways of treating hair loss. Further, it has fewer side effects.

A growing number of patients are traveling to Turkey to receive their transplants because treatment is so much more affordable in comaprison to transplants in America or Western Europe.

How does a hair transplant help combat hair loss?

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey has emerged as the soundest treatment for baldness. Known for producing natural looking, lasting results, a hair transplant can have a life-changing impact on a man or woman with thinning hair. A hair transplant is typically performed in a clinic or outpatient surgery facility by a trained surgeon. The most common procedures involve the individual extraction of follicles from areas that are usually resistant to balding and implanting them into the patient’s balding areas of his or her scalp. While not exactly a cure for baldness, a hair transplant offers the following benefits:

  • A reliable and permanent solution: Results of hair transplants may take several months to emerge but are long-lasting.
  • Natural-looking results: Unlike hair pieces or spray solutions, a hair transplant produces natural-looking results.
  • A low-maintenance treatment: There is little maintenance required in the future once the initial surgical procedure is completed.
  • Long-term cost savings: In contrast to topical solutions and medications, hair transplants do not require regular product purchases.

What is the best step to take if you would like to treat your hair loss?

Speak with your doctor to identify any health-related factors that are causing or contributing to your hair loss before pursuing a hair transplant or any type of hair loss treatment. While most people are good candidates for hair transplants, it is always a good idea to schedule a free consultation with an accomplished hair transplant provider. During this meeting, you can share any concerns you may have about the treatment and learn what to expect following the procedure. A consultation also affords you the opportunity to become comfortable the following:

  • Expected costs of the procedure
  • A view of the hair transplant equipment that will be used during your procedure
  • The treatment philosophy of the surgeon who will perform your transplant
  • An overview of the recovery process and the measures you can take to
  • A review of the results you can expect to see

The bottom line about a baldness cure

To learn more about the many benefits of hair transplants, we invite you to contact the hair transplant professionals with Vera Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. The Vera Clinic team uses the latest cutting-edge technology to diagnose and monitor your hair loss. This way we can develop a customized hair transplant strategy for you. During your visit, we will introduce you to our medical team and the steps involved in the procedure. Finally, we will outline a plan for you to recover from your procedure in beautiful Istanbul. We look forward to helping you restore your confidence and enjoy a thicker head of hair!