Orthognathic Surgery in Turkey

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Orthognathic surgery is often advised for those who have severe biting and chewing problems. With this surgery, a patient’s jaw bones are shifted back and forth. This type of surgery on the mouth is much more comprehensive than most and have a much longer recovery period to jaw surgery in Turkey performed for aesthetic reasons.

There are many options for jaw surgery in turkey. Many clinics in Istanbul and throughout Turkey can offer this treatment, with surgeons that are highly educated, trained, and experienced in orthognathic surgery.

The Turkey jaw surgery costs are also very attractive, bringing the country plenty of medical tourism. Turkey is also a very attractive country for tourists, so you can go sightseeing during your stay, as you will have to stay in the country for some time to be able to come to the surgeon who performed the operation for check-ups.

The Procedure of Jaw Surgery in Turkey

The treatment consists in the execution, first, of an examination that allows acquiring clinical data such as radiographs, photographs, a realization of measurements and facial models. This examination allows the specialist to investigate the problems presented by the patient through computer programs and to make a specific diagnosis. Next, professionals establish the necessary treatment for dental, skeletal and facial correction.

Before the procedure, the patient will have to wear devices for some time so that the teeth will adapt when the jaws close correctly and go with the surgery.

What Are the Risks of Jaw Surgery in Turkey?

Jaw surgery in Turkey is extremely safe when performed by a plastic surgeon who is experienced in orthognathic surgery. However, you are not able to eat or drink for 4 hours after the surgery, and even then, you are on a strict diet that is suitable for your healing period plus water. It’s important to carry through with all the after-care advice that you are given after jaw surgery in Turkey.

However, as in any surgery, there may be some risks in jaw surgery.

  • Blood loss
  • Infection
  • Nerves being damaged
  • Jaw fractures
  • Postoperative pain

Turkey Jaw Surgery Costs

Turkey jaw surgery costs vary depending on several factors. From the preliminary consultations, the surgeon’s fee, the facility charge, and materials, as well as follow-up treatment, are all included in the approximate price. Vera Clinic offers competitive pricing for jaw surgery in Turkey.

The best way to reduce costs is by travelling to a country like Turkey, where the costs of jaw surgery in Turkey are lower – it’s an excellent way to reduce overall costs.

Medical tourism in the form of cosmetic surgery and dental treatment for example, is more common than you think. The main reason is that Turkey offers exceptional advantages to patients coming from highly developed countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, England, and the United States of America. Applications such as implants, porcelain veneersteeth whitening, aesthetic tooth filling, and dental crowns in Turkey are popular options or those travelling to Turkey for treatment. Not forgetting orthognathic surgery too.

Many are interested in why dental treatment in Turkey is so cheap compared to other areas of the world like the USA and the U.K. Firstly, one of the most significant influential factors on lower medical prices in Turkey is the country supporting the domestic manufacturing of any goods and products over importing. The materials used by Vera Clinic are sourced from Europe meaning they are extremely high quality and made for long-lasting results. However, in general, most costs associated with shipping, logistics, and customs are eliminated from the final quote given by many clinics.

Secondly, the average salaries of a country underpin what is considered “low cost”. Not only income, but the cost of living is much higher in other world areas like the U.K and USA. Therefore, the low prices in Turkey have everything to do with the economy rather than the quality of procedures.

Why Choose Vera Clinic for Jaw Surgery in Turkey

At Vera Clinic, we have specific packages that include everything you need when getting jaw surgery in Turkey, which makes the experience straightforward and minimises stress. We can curate an all-inclusive package and manage all the organisation for you. The clinic will provide aftercare equipment and instructions for you and guide you through any steps you need to take after your operation. All your accommodation and transport will usually be included in the costs; you can contact us for the specific details.

Dental Implants In Turkey – FAQs

What is the recovery period like for jaw surgery in Turkey?

It is normal to have swelling, mild tension, and pain around the jaw for about a week after orthognathic surgery. There may be temporary numbness in the lower lips. There is no difficulty in biting or eating during the first week after the surgery, but good oral hygiene is extremely important after meals. The incisions made in the mouth begin to heal after the first week, and the swelling around the jaw begins to regress in the first week.

How long does it take jaw surgery in Turkey to heal?

After the treatment on the jaw, the patient wears an intermaxillary lift, which is placed on the upper and lower fixed appliances. The extract should be worn for at least 4 weeks on a liquid diet (you cannot open your mouth). Also, after 4-5 weeks, IMF screws are removed under local anaesthesia, which are screwed in during the procedure. The patient feels the worst during the first month after jaw surgery in Turkey. After this period, the swelling and bruises disappear, and you no longer feel pain.

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