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Medical Tourism: The Multi-Purpose Tourism Trend

Medical Tourism: The Multi-Purpose Tourism Trend

The phenomenon of globalization and the infamous high tech innovations of our era have become to replicate a sewing machine that contributed massively to the interweaving of the miscellaneous cultures around the world. The spreading knowledge of the various sporadic histories that have existed and the remaining architectural marks that have withstood generations of wars and rubbles to echo the secrets, the cries and the laughter of its precedents, has fueled our love for travel to experience the sentiments of the past first hand. As our objectives grow, both in vanity and travels, trends that blend the two interests in one experience have emerged under the title of medical tourism. Medical tourism is a world on its own, an exceptional journey and a promise for a better future ahead.

What is medical tourism

Medical tourism is an emerging sector of tourism that constitutes the seeking of medical care abroad as an opportunity to receive affordable high-quality medical care and seize the recovery days to explore around a previously foreign country. Although upon hearing medical care, most would envision procedures exclusive of cosmetic surgery, the latter is the most sought after by health tourists.

3 cosmetic procedures to consider for medical tourism

Below are three aesthetic procedures to consider for medical tourism in Turkey for being relatively cheaper without compromising on the quality, in addition to Turkey being an ideal touristic destination.

1- Hair transplants

Being 70% lower in prices than the USA or  Europe, with paralleling quality, hair transplants in Turkey have rapidly developed where the country soon won the title of the worlds hair transplant destination. Pioneer hair transplant centers such as the Vera Clinic offer service packages for their patients that include a personal driver, airport pick-up, a three-day stay at one of Istanbul’s fanciest hotels, and additional hair strengthening treatments such as PRP therapy and laser hair therapy. The services included within the price of the surgery, are a winner deal. The money saved can later be spent on a full-blown touristic trip around Turkey, with abiding by the surgeon’s instructions of course.

2- Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a beautiful smile is an essential trait to rock that flawless casual look. However, with the flaming hot prices, the procedures are inaccessible for the majority of the population. Medical tourism operates primarily to facilitate the financial accessibility of various cosmetic procedures including cosmetic procedures. Have the smile makeover of your dreams and save a few extra pounds to make memorable memories around the Eurasian country of Istanbul.

3- Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are attributed to rejuvenation and lip augmentation for the most part. However, the applications of the magical fillers have grown to eclipse and substitute a select few surgical procedures.

Facial contouring in most cases can be achieved via the application of volume through the injection of dermal fillers around the jaw and cheekbones to obtain that desired fierce look of protruding facial bones. Being quick recovery as much as the formers and requiring no hospital stay-in, dermal fillers are a great option to consider for medical tourism for they do not limit the patient’s choice of activities when recovering abroad.


In summary

Medical tourism offers an alternative for those who cannot afford cosmetic surgery elsewhere without compromising on the quality. Coupled with a love for exploring, medical tourism could create one of your favorite memories.


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