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Male and female breast reduction

Breast reduction is, as the name suggests, a surgical procedure used to reduce the size of breasts for both men and women, by removing fat cells, muscles, or excess skin.

Breast reduction recovery and results:

Patients are expected to resume daily activity within 10 days of the surgery, granted it isn’t strenuous. Any swelling and bruising will disappear within 10 days. Stiches will be removed a week after surgery and results will be immediately noticed.

Duration :

A male or female breast reductions surgery can take anywhere between 2 to 5 hours.

Factors determining candidacy:

In general, most patients are eligible for breast reduction surgery—however being in reasonably good health is advisable to minimize the risk of complications.


The doctors at Vera Clinic will prescribe the required medications and provide the patients with all the information needed to ensure a comfortable recovery.

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