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Kylie Jenner Surgery: Procedures & Rumors With Pictures

The Kardashians-Jenners have dominated the spotlight for decades now. Equal parts a result of their endless family drama, publicity stuns, and their prominent stance in the fashion and beauty industry. What opens this topic today is Kylie Jenner surgery.

The youngest in the family has set a brand for herself becoming the family’s youngest and most successful entrepreneur.

Although Kylie Jenner was almost overlooked for most of the early seasons of KUWK, now she’s getting all the attention.

Particularly with the minor tweaks, she’s got earlier in life, she’s become the pioneer of “insta baddie.”

Kylie Jenner Surgery

The Kardashian Jenners are known for denying any plastic surgery rumors. But when the world has seen you grow up, it can be hard trying to brush these topics under the rug.

Below we’ll discuss all the Kylie Jenner surgery procedures that we think she’s had.

1- Lip Fillers

While this isn’t a surgery, the news of Kylie’s lip fillers took the world by storm. Oddly enough, despite the world watching her grow up with thin lips, Kylie Jenner denied getting any procedures to her lips.

Instead, she ascribed her big lips to non-invasive techniques like sucking on a bottle and the likes. But in the past months when she had to dissolve her fillers, the truth came out.

Regardless, Kylie Jenner made a massive profit selling her lip products turning her lips into a trademark.

2- Breast Implants

When Kylie Jenner took to Instagram some years ago to post a picture like she would any normal day, she was met with a host of questions and speculations about a Kylie Jenner surgery for her breasts. Again, the reality tv star turned down the rumors regarding her breast augmentation.

And time again, she attributed her full breasts to Victoria’s Secret bra that she swears is exceptional. Yet, with time it has become evident that this makeover had a lot more to do than a push-up bra. Particularly her bra-less selfies.

3- Kylie Jenner Surgery: Butt Implants

The Kardashian Jenner family clearly have curves for the day. All the sisters have been blessed with beautiful curves and waist yo hop ratios. This applies as well to Kylie Jenner who since puberty has had an hourglass figure.

But because the youngest Jenner has been around since her prepubescent days, it isn’t difficult to detect changes that have had more than the genetics involved. The difference between the young star’s shape pre-implants is obvious. While it didn’t give her waist, the butt lift sure enhanced her curves making her hips stand out. And along with her breast implant, it gave her body luscious curves.

The Takeaway

Kylie Jenner surgery procedures are mostly works done on her body to enhance her curves and give her lips a beautiful plump look. The star was average looking before all the cosmetic procedures she got. But she got the makeovers she believed would take her from side-kick to the life of the party.

And there is definitely no shame in plastic surgery, it is better than wasting your years trying to accept what you can’t.

If there’s anything to take from Kylie Jenner surgery procedures it’s that little can go so far. The star didn’t over-exaggerate her implants making them look extremely natural.

If it weren’t for the fact she grew up on TV, there would be no way to tell.

Therefore, to have your own Kylie Jenner surgery results, always have realistic expectations. Work with what you have.

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