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Katie Price ‘Turkey Teeth’ Revealed: Consequences of Cosmetic Dental Work


Katie Price, the former glamor model and reality TV star, has recently come under scrutiny for the state of her teeth, which have been labeled as ‘Turkey Teeth’ due to the damage caused by years of cosmetic dental work. Despite seeking to enhance her smile, Price’s journey serves as a cautionary tale about the potential risks and irreversible consequences of extensive dental procedures. It is vital to consider the expertise, professionalism, and long-term maintenance clinics such as Vera Clinic when undergoing cosmetic treatments.

Who is Katie Price?

Why is Katie Price famous, you might ask? Well, Katie Price, the former glamor model and reality TV star, has recently come under scrutiny for the state of her teeth, which have been labeled as ‘Turkey Teeth’ due to the damage caused by years of cosmetic dental work. A dental expert has expressed concerns about the potential irreversible damage done to her teeth, stating that she may have “no tooth tissue remaining” as a result of multiple surgeries.

Price’s dental journey has been extensively documented, even inviting cameras into the operating room on one occasion. The 44-year-old has undergone various procedures, including filing down her teeth to pegs for crowns. Dental crowns are caps that are placed over teeth to restore their shape, size, strength, and improve their appearance. Price has also had veneers, a less invasive option. However, the repeated procedures over the years may have left her with little or no tooth tissue left.

According to Dr. Nilesh R. Parmar, an award-winning dental implant surgeon, each time veneers or crowns are redone, more tooth tissue needs to be removed, and as the teeth get closer to the nerve, root canal work may become necessary. Dr. Parmar warns that patients who have had aggressive crowns or veneers often end up needing titanium dental implants screwed into their jaw bones.

The main concern with such treatments is the fragility of the remaining tooth tissue, which can lead to fracturing and breakage. Once these teeth break, the options become more invasive, such as dental implants. These implants entail placing titanium screws into the jaw bones and attaching teeth to them. However, even dental implants have a shelf life and may become inevitable for those who have undergone aggressive dental work.

The rise of the ‘Turkey Teeth’ trend on social media has shed light on the potential risks of these invasive and irreversible operations. Many people have shared their horror stories of surgeries gone wrong over the years. When these procedures fail, the cost of fixing the mistakes can end up being significant.

Dr. Parmar strongly advises against seeking such treatments abroad, emphasizing the importance of careful planning and long-term maintenance. Dentists in the UK may not entertain reparative treatment for work done abroad due to liability concerns. He advises individuals to consult their regular dentists or seek recommendations if their regular dentists are unable to provide the desired cosmetic treatment.

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Katie Price’s ‘Turkey Teeth’ serves as a reminder of the consequences that may arise from extensive cosmetic dental work. This cautionary tale highlights the significance of seeking reputable clinics, such as Vera Clinic, which prioritize expertise, professionalism, and long-term maintenance. By choosing a clinic that offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures, including dental work and hair transplants, individuals can experience transformative results and regain their confidence. Take the first step towards a confident smile by scheduling a free consultation at Vera Clinic and allowing their experienced specialists to guide you towards your aesthetic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Katie Price

What is the meaning of ‘Turkey Teeth’?

‘Turkey Teeth’ refers to the state of Katie Price’s teeth, which have been damaged by years of cosmetic dental work.

What dental procedures has Katie Price undergone?

Katie Price has undergone a combination of crowns and veneers during her lifetime.

Has Katie Price’s dental work caused irreversible damage?

According to a dental expert, years of dental work may have left Katie Price with little or no tooth tissue remaining, potentially causing long-lasting complications.

What are the risks associated with aggressive crowns or veneers?

Aggressive crowns or veneers can lead to the fracturing and breaking of fragile tooth tissue. In some cases, individuals may require dental implants as a more invasive solution.

Should one seek dental treatments abroad?

It is generally advised against seeking dental treatments abroad due to potential complications, liability concerns, and difficulties in securing reparative treatment in the UK.

What should individuals do if their regular dentists cannot provide the desired cosmetic treatment?

Regular dentists can recommend reputable practitioners who can meet the expectations and provide the desired cosmetic treatment.