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John May Turkey Teeth: An Instagram Star from Liverpool


Liverpool native, John May, has captivated social media users with his popular Instagram character, “Turkey Teeth.” Known for his comedic sketches, May’s talent and relatable content have earned him a dedicated following and catapulted him to viral stardom. In this article, we’ll delve into John May’s journey to internet fame, explore his unique style of comedy, and address some of the most frequently asked questions about this rising star.

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The Rise of John May

John May, a 39-year-old actor from Walton, Liverpool, had been pursuing his acting career for years without attaining the breakthrough he desired. However, during the lockdown, May took to Instagram to unleash his creativity through comedy sketches. Surprisingly, his relatable and observational humor resonated with audiences, and his Instagram following grew from 4,000 to an impressive 40,000 in just a few weeks.

May’s sketches not only brought laughter to people’s lives during a difficult time but also shed light on the unique quirks and characteristics of Liverpool, making his content highly relatable for locals. His ability to capture the essence of Scouse humor and portray it authentically has propelled him into the public eye.

Putting Liverpool in the Spotlight

May’s comedy style revolves around affectionately satirizing the distinctive character traits and idiosyncrasies of his fellow Scousers. By holding a mirror up to Liverpool’s quirks and daily situations, May’s sketches have become relatable and highly entertaining for his viewers. Many have found his characters reminiscent of people they know, making them even more relatable and enjoyable.

Through his comedic lens, May has showcased the warm-hearted and slightly eccentric nature of Liverpool residents. Whether it’s poking fun at their love for a good chat, their penchant for exaggeration, or their unique sense of fashion, May’s sketches capture the essence of Scouse culture and have resonated with audiences beyond Liverpool.

John May “Turkey Teeth”

While May introduced various characters into his comedic repertoire, one character, in particular, stole the show – “Turkey Teeth.” This scouse caricature quickly gained popularity, attracting a significant number of followers. May’s portrayal of “Turkey Teeth” offers a lighthearted glimpse into the unique traits and mannerisms of some Liverpool residents. The character’s popularity highlights May’s ability to captivate audiences with his comedic charm.

“Turkey Teeth” represents an exaggerated version of a Scouser, with distinctive dental features, a thick Scouse accent, and an infectious energy. May’s character not only brings laughter but also fosters a sense of community as locals and fans engage in discussions relaying their own stories and experiences of growing up in Liverpool. “Turkey Teeth” has become more than just a character; he has become a symbol of pride for Liverpool and its humor.

Beyond Instagram Fame

May’s acting experience and talent extend beyond his Instagram success. He has appeared in various adverts, including HouseSimple, and has even secured a recurring role on the popular TV show Coronation Street. With his newfound viral fame, May has set his sights on turning his Instagram characters into a television pilot, hoping the sketches can find a broadcasting platform to reach a broader audience.

May’s goal is to bring the spirit of Liverpool and its unique humor to a wider audience, showcasing the talents of his fellow actors from Liverpool. He intends to collaborate with other content creators and industry professionals to create a more extensive range of entertainment, encompassing web series, stand-up comedy, and even movies. May’s aspirations go beyond personal success as he also aims to provide representation for the Liverpool acting community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did John May’s Instagram fame start?

May’s Instagram fame started during the lockdown when he began creating comedy sketches. Initially, he had around 4,000 followers, but his relatable and hilarious content quickly gained attention, leading to a substantial increase in his Instagram following.

How did May develop his comedy style?

May developed his comedy style by observing and highlighting the characteristics and nuances of people in Liverpool. His sketches often mirror real-life situations and personalities, making them relatable and enjoyable to a wider audience. May’s ability to grasp the essence of Scouse humor and portray it authentically has contributed to his success.

Among the characters created by John May, “Turkey Teeth” has emerged as the clear fan favorite. The comedic portrayal of this scouse caricature has resonated with many viewers, contributing to May’s viral success. “Turkey Teeth” represents the spirit and humor of Liverpool and has become an emblem of pride for the city and its residents.

Has John May pursued acting opportunities beyond Instagram?

Yes, besides his Instagram success, John May has pursued acting opportunities elsewhere. He has appeared in various advertisements and has a recurring role on the popular TV show Coronation Street. May’s ambition is to further showcase his acting talent and bring his unique characters and brand of humor to a television pilot and other broadcast platforms.


John May, a Liverpool actor turned Instagram sensation, has won the hearts of social media users with his comedic sketches, with his most popular character being “Turkey Teeth.” Through his relatable and observational comedy, May has amassed a significant following and caught the attention of both followers and industry professionals alike. With aspirations of bringing his unique characters to a larger audience, May continues to entertain and make memorable comedic content that puts Liverpool’s distinctive humor on the map. As he takes on new acting opportunities and explores television possibilities, May remains a true representation of Liverpool’s spirited and vibrant humor.

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