How to Stimulate Hair Growth

Our hair is an important part of our overall appearance, from the way it is styled to the colour and length. We spend huge amounts of money on hair care, with the global haircare market worth an estimated $87.9 billion. As our hair is so valuable to us, when we start to lose hair, it can be a cause for concern. Whilst it is normal to lose some hair each day, if you have started to notice your hair thinning and want to know how to stimulate hair growth, there is help available. If your hair growth is slower than it used to be, it could be a sign of more serious hair loss, possibly permanent. One of the first things many people will try is to stimulate hair growth, but how exactly can this be done?

Natural Remedies to Stimulate Hair Growth

If your thinning hair is only something you have noticed for a short period of time, you will want to try ways of how to stimulate hair growth naturally. Hair regrowth is affected by several factors including diet, genetics, and stress to name a few. Losing hair is not always a sign of the beginning stages of pattern baldness and opting straight for the surgical route is not usually recommended either as it could be a temporary condition. Massaging the scalp is an option to try along with the use of nutrient-rich hair oils. Using aloe vera or coconut oil is also beneficial for your hair. There are natural supplements too that contain vitamins and minerals ideal for hair stimulation too. The results will depend on the individual, so finding the right combination of natural remedies may take some trial and error first.

Non-Surgical Solutions

If the various massages and natural remedies have not had the desired effect, it could be time to consider non-surgical solutions. After all, if you have looked at how to stimulate hair growth in a bald spot or area of very slow regrowth and had no success, a hair transplant could be the next best choice. Whilst traditionally a hair transplant would paint the picture of going under the knife, there is a non-surgical approach that involves no surgery and minimum scarring. FUE hair transplants, or Follicular Unit Extraction, precisely removes hair individually by graft from a donor area. This is usually from the back of the head or somewhere with good hair regrowth. The grafts are extracted and then placed in the area of hair loss with precision, avoiding the need for extensive cutting or scarring. This technique is performed here at Vera Clinic in Turkey and provides natural-looking results that are suitable for those with permanent hair loss.

Hair Medication

It’s not just the hair on your scalp you could experience thinning or loss, with many looking at how to stimulate facial hair growth, eyebrows and sideburns too. If the natural remedies have not worked, medication is usually something people will try before looking at surgical options. Over the counter products like Regaine can be purchased without a prescription and massaged into the scalp regularly. Usually, before using any medication, it is best to consult a doctor who will also be able to assess the areas of concern, recommending which products or medication to try.

In many cases, your slow hair growth may be a temporary issue, but if regrowth has stopped and you have been experiencing the issues for a while, it is best to seek expert help to discuss your next steps. If you would like to find out more about our services, book a consultation today.

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