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How To Sleep After A Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant, how to sleep is extremely important. Trying to figure out how to sleep after a FUE hair transplant can prove to be quite difficult at times and for the first week following your hair transplant, you may well experience some pain and swelling, which is entirely normal, as well as some itching within the affected area. There are several factors to consider to make sure your hair transplant is as successful as possible, and your sleeping position after a hair transplant is one of the most important areas worthy of attention.

When Can I Sleep On My Back After A Hair Transplant?

Many patients eagerly ask, “when can I sleep normally after a hair transplant?” This is entirely normal; everyone is entitled to want to get back to their day-to-day life as quickly as possible. For the first week after your surgery, your sleeping position after a hair transplant will need to be adapted in order for you to recover.

Sleeping after a hair transplant can prove to be painful if you do not position yourself correctly within this crucial time period following the procedure as the risk of swelling will increase. If you are sleeping on your back, rest your head on a soft pillow and avoid any unnecessary movement. This will give you the best chance against dislodging your hair grafts.

When Can I Sleep Normally After a Hair Transplant?

How long you will have to sleep upright after a hair transplant will be different for everyone. Each individual will heal at a different rate and not everyone experiences the same level of swelling after a hair transplant. Sleeping after a hair transplant with an elevated head is usually expected for the first 5 – 7 days, although some patients find they are able to resume a more comfortable sleeping position after only a few days. How long you have to sleep upright after a hair transplant will also depend on how well you look after your hair and scalp following the procedure.

Additionally, avoid sleeping on your stomach if this is what you are accustomed to in order to prevent post-surgery swelling. It is also advisable to cover your pillow with a soft towel as some leakage from the scalp may occur, this will prevent your pillows and pillowcases from getting stained.

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