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How To Clean the Donor Area After a Hair Transplant

Offering the very best hair transplants in Turkey & providing surgeries of the finest quality at the lowest rates, we take pride in every aspect of your hair transplant journey with us. This is inclusive of the hair transplant aftercare we provide, which is why we make sure we provide you with as much information as possible when it comes to cleaning your hair transplant donor area. The donor area after a hair transplant must be maintained in terms of cleanliness if you wish for it to heal optimally. Follow this guide and find out exactly how to clean the donor area after your FUE hair transplant, so you can enjoy your new, full, natural looking head of hair, the way you should.

Steps To Keep the Hair Transplant Donor Area Healthy

For a speedy recovery with optimal results, the following steps should be followed. These will advise you how you should look after your hair transplant donor area, how to clean the donor area after a hair transplant, and what action you can personally take to achieve the best possible results.

Cleaning the Hair Transplant Donor Area: Medicated Shampoo

We will provide you with certain medicated shampoos so you can safely clean the areas that have been operated upon. These must be sterile, or else any bacteria could cause infection, resulting in pain and damage to your new hair transplant. If damaged, the hair transplant recipient and donor area could scar, which is a much more difficult of an issue to resolve compared to normal hair loss, leaving a bald spot on your scalp.

Maintaining the Hair Transplant Donor Area: Let Your Scalp Breathe

If you do not let enough air circulate to the backside of your head, the hair transplant donor area can suffer. This can affect the growth of hair, as well as causing bacterial infections due to the accumulation of sweat and dirt. Oxygen helps with the healing process, so allowing your hair transplant donor area to have as much access to it as possible is essential.

Don’t Scratch or Pick

As well as the obvious potential issues such as damage to donor area after a hair transplant, you will also need to be mindful of not touching the healing area due to the risk of infection. Allow your donor area after a hair transplant to heal naturally and it should remain clean and undamaged.

Use Prescribed Antibiotics

If you are prescribed antibiotics, you should use this cream to clean the donor area after a hair transplant. This will allow the wound to remain disinfected, meaning no further damage will come to it as it heals. If you feel a burning sensation, tenderness, or see any excess fluid coming out of your healing donor area after a hair transplant, this is an indication that some attention is required, and you should contact a health professional immediately.

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