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Places to Visit When on a Medical Tourism Trip to Istanbul

Ignorant to the vastness of Istanbul, hasty touristic plans of adventurers who intent on discovering every square inch of the city soon melt into air when faced with the geographical grandeur reality of the Eurasian city. With all it’s crooks and crannies, it’s deep alleys and timeworn tunnels, Istanbul tells an ancient story in the whiffs of the wind, the twinkling of the Bosporus, and the echoes of the birds.

To live the optimal experience in the dissolved essence of the Ottoman Empire, you will need guidance to take advantage of the little time you have there. There are major touristic attractions that could not possibly pass by you, but there are as well secret hidden regions of Istanbul. Unless you have lived in the city, the odds of encountering the places below are very slim.

1- Karakoy

In Karakoy, is a core pumping with life and air that dances to the chatters of youthful voices crowding the coffee shops and restaurants. A walk through the heart of Karakoy alleys, decorated with wall art guided by profligate hands, sheltered from the sun by roofs of vine leaves, umbrellas, and fairy lights that glow in miscellaneous colors in the darkness, illuminating the area with various shades of joy, can take you to a dreamy land of mirth. Although close to the Sultan Ahmet district, Karakoy is often overlooked as at first glance for it appears mundane. However, the phrase that suggests you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover heavily applies here.

For a fun day, we recommend you stop at the Eminonu tramway station to grab a bite of the infamous Balik sandwich from boat restaurants on the Eminonu shore that the locals enjoy chasing with Ayran. After enjoying the traditional meal, tourists like to walk the few meters towards Karakoy on feet enjoying the rapid shift of atmosphere from one area to the other.

2- Kadikoy

Located on the Anatolian side, Kadikoy is separated from the European side via the Bosphorus and connected through a brittle bridge. The economical way to reach Kadikoy is through a ferry that leaves from various shores on European İstanbul for the price of 3 Turkish liras. Aside from enjoying the eventful ride and watching the breathtaking scenery, locals often bring bread with them to feed the seagulls chasing the ferry. Upon arriving in Kadikoy, you will be met by crowded alleys where the infamous Kadikoy farmers market is located. Turkish spices and goods are exhibited on carriages making it irresistible to request samples for tasting which the generous Turks never deny. Walking deeper in, you’ll come across art stands and shops, cafes, restaurants, second-hand stores, vintage shops. A favorite meal for the people of Kadikoy is citir manti, fried Turkish ravioli, served with a topping of tomato sauce and yogurt.

In closing

It’s necessary to do the diligence before embarking on a wild trip to achieve the makeover you desire and recover in a beautiful city like İstanbul. Kadikoy and Karakoy are beautiful places that hold the ethnic essence of the Turkish lifestyle. Coupled with plans to visit famous tourist attractions such as the Galata Tower, Kiz Kulesi, Blue Mosque, and the grand bazaar, the trip has the potential to make your extraordinary memories. The above activities require minimal walking and exercise, be sure to abide by your surgeons’ aftercare instructions for a big trip.

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