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Hair Transplant without Shaving: Before & After with Video

The aspect of shaving before a hair transplant in Turkey is perhaps an inconvenience for many. It’s not atypical to find people browsing the internet to find services for hair transplant without shaving. After all, we get to wear our head out to work, events, and other wise; making the notion of shaving a commitment hardly anyone is willing to make.

And in many cases, shaving your head before a hair transplant can be unreasonable all together. For instance, women who wish to reverse baldness in a particularly small region of the head could never opt for the procedure if they had to shave all their remaining locks out. So clearly there can be exceptions.

But how does it all work out? Our experts have put together the ABC’s of getting a hair transplant without shaving as well as defining the condition that cane make it possible.

Why is Shaving Before a Hair Transplant Common?
Shaving before an FUE hair transplant is common because it allows your surgeons to select quality donor regions without limiting their options to a particular area on the head. A hair transplant without shaving does involve some shaving. But the shaved areas are a few and they’re usually strategically chosen in areas that can be easily hidden. That being said, your surgeon can only work with select regions to make sure the shaved areas aren’t anywhere visible.

In other words, it’s not possible to extract a large number of grafts without shaving the head. This in turn means the number of grafts your doctor can extract is limited down significantly as proved by research. Hence, if you’re suffering from large areas of hair loss, you cannot opt for a hair transplant without shaving. Not only is it impractical, but the process is time-consuming and involves a lot of hard work.

Our experts will let you know via a free online hair analysis if you’re suitable for a hair transplant without shaving.

Another factor that makes the practice prevalent to this extent is its efficacy in reducing infection rates. Shaving your head allows your donor sites to heal properly. It also facilitates the process of aftercare and eliminates all the fuss. Wherein it ensures that the microscopic wounds in the donor sites, as well as the recipient sites, are getting enough exposure to open-air allowing for proper healing according to plan.

Can You Get a Hair Transplant Without Shaving?
Long story short, in some cases it’s very much possible to get a hair transplant without having to shave your entire head beforehand. But, this decision depends on several factors, namely hair length, density, and areas of hair loss. You must note that you will have to shave the small donor areas in specific. So a hair transplant without shaving isn’t completely buzz-free. But our experts will make sure this is done in a way that can be easily hidden with your remaining hair.

A hair transplant without shaving could be the most convenient of procedures, but it has its limitations.

When Can You Get a Hair Transplant Without Shaving
The bottom line is that you can get a hair transplant without shaving if you meet the conditions below:

  • If you have hair that’s longer than 6 to 7 cm. You need to have hair that’s long enough to cover the small shaved areas in the scalp. Our experts will layer this so that every particular donor site has enough hair on top to cover it.
  • You have very small areas of hair loss where your surgeon can extract enough hair follicles from the restricted donor areas on your scalp
  • If you’re likely to handle the demanding aftercare following a hair transplant without shaving
  • If you’re willing to go through a longer process because the procedure is time-consuming without shaving

Hair Transplant Without Shaving Before and After
We’ve conducted several hair transplantations without shaving at Vera Clinic. If you’d like to see how the process works, check the video below.


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