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Hair growth after burns

Hair growth after burns

Hair loss from accidents such as severe burns belongs to a category known as traumatic alopecia. Thankfully, baldness is no longer a cost you pay for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no doubt the emotional damage that comes from such an experience. However, time heals all wounds figuratively and literally. After recovering from the psychological distress and physical damage, you might want to get your life on track. The disfigurations caused by burns may be inevitable, but they certainly are not permanent. In this article, we’ll discuss hair growth after burns and all the available options you can pursue to restore your crown.

How do burns cause hair loss? 

Each one of us is born with a certain number of follicular units, which is why some have naturally thin hair and others thick. The follicular units are not replaceable. In other words, once lost, the area will be permanently bald. Burns, in some instances, can be very serious. Meaning, the heat penetrates deep within the skin reaching follicular units. The high degrees cause irreversible damage that leaves the area bald. As a result, the surface forms thick layers of scab where underneath it the follicular units are damaged.

How to initiate hair growth after burns?

As was demonstrated above, hair loss in burn injuries is the result of damaged follicular units. Follicular units are cellular units that produce hair. Since they are technically no more, treatments like PRP or hair growth stimulants cannot work. With practically all non-surgical hair loss treatments out of the question, the only available solution is hair transplants.

Hair transplants are, to date, the only permanent method of hair restoration. The technique works by extracting viable follicular units from areas of hair growth also known as donor regions. Upon their extraction, your surgeon will create incisions on the bald scalp regions and relocate follicular units to the area.

With a new set of follicular units, there is no problem in hair regrowth. The units will continue to generate hair reaching their threshold after the one year mark. Once past a year, hair growth will stabilize and become permanent.

I cannot afford hair transplants, what should I do? 

Although the universe has existed for billions of years, by coincidence you existed at the same time as the peak of medical tourism. You are probably confused as to what this has to do with anything. Our point is, although in countries like the USA and Europe hair transplants are a high hanging fruit, they certainly are not everywhere.

Medical tourism is a growing trend among thousands as it provides an opportunity for those whose money does not grow on trees. Countries like Turkey have dominated the scene with contradicting prices to quality ratios. As a result of its cost-efficient high-quality services, Istanbul became the world’s attraction to medical tourism.

In closing

After recovering both mentally and physically from burns, you might begin to put a focus on reversing the damage. Fortunately for you and the thousands of burn patients, hair growth after burns is made possible by hair transplants. If they are out of your budget, you should consider Turkey for hair transplants. On top of affordable costs and offering cutting-edge technologies, Turkish hair transplant clinics offer additional services solely for the comfort of their patients.

If you are interested in knowing more about hair transplants in Turkey, contact us and we will gladly address all your concerns.




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