Gingivectomy in Turkey

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Gingivectomy describes the surgical removal of gum tissue, also known as gingiva. For medical reasons, Gingivectomy can be used to treat conditions like gingivitis. However, many also receive the treatment to improve gingival aesthetics. The process removes extra gum tissue for those who feel they have a “gummy smile” to improve their overall smile.

The Criteria for Receiving Gingivectomy

You may be advised to get gingival Gingivectomy if you have gum recessions from the following:

  • aging
  • gum diseases, like gingivitis
  • bacterial infections
  • gum injury

Gingivectomy For Gum Disease

There are several causes of gum disease but if you suffer with it, a dentist may recommend this procedure to prevent future gum damage as well as give your dentist easier access to the teeth for cleaning. Gum disease often creates openings at the bottom of the teeth. These openings can lead to a build-up of plaque, bacteria, and hardened plaque, known as calculus or tartar. Those build-ups can then lead to further damage. Therefore, your dentist may advise Gingivectomy if they discover gum disease or infection during a check-up or cleaning and want to stop its progression.

Improving Gingival Aesthetics With Gingivectomy In Turkey

If you feel uncomfortable about how much gum you have showing in your mouth, it’s possible to treat this and reduce the amount of gum on show. Gingivectomy removes excess gum tissue around your teeth. Our dental treatments in Turkey are always performed to the best possible standard by our talented dental surgeons.

If you decide to go for our gum reduction surgery procedure, you will reap the many benefits, the main ones being:

  • A better gum-to-tooth ratio
  • More symmetry for your gum line
  • Reduction in bleeding and swelling
  • The excess gum tissue will be gone when you speak or smile
  • A pain-free procedure in our modern clinic

This is the ideal dental surgery for those looking to improve their appearance starting with their smile. You are not alone if you have excess gum tissue, it affects people all over the world and can be an annoyance when untreated. If you are looking for other procedures to improve your smile, we have more cosmetic dentist information on our website.

The Procedure

A gingivectomy takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how much gum tissue your dentist removes. Minor procedures involving a single tooth, or several teeth will probably only take a single session. Major gum removal or reshaping may take several visits, especially if your dentist wants one area to heal before they move onto the next.

  • Your dentist injects local anaesthetic into the gums to numb the area.
  • Your dentist uses a scalpel or laser tool to cut away pieces of gum tissue. This is called soft tissue incision.
  • During the procedure, your dentist will likely keep a suction tool in your mouth to remove excess saliva.
  • Once the tissue has been cut away, your dentist will likely use a laser tool to vaporize remaining tissue and shape the gumline.
  • Your dentist puts a soft putty-like substance and bandages on the area to protect your gums while they heal.

Gingivectomy Aftercare Best Practices

Swelling and bleeding is likely to occur after receiving a Gingivectomy which is perfectly normal. Our dental team will provide you with all the necessary advice for gingivectomy aftercare to speed the healing process. Over-the-counter medication will help with pain relief once the anaesthetic wears off.

You will be able to go home straight away. For the first 24 hours, gingivectomy aftercare involves no brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth. After this initial period, you may resume your normal dental routine in the areas of your mouth unaffected by the gingivectomy. After 48 hours, saltwater rinse to keep your gums clean and to help them heal faster.

During the first week of recovery, avoid touching the affected area. This means no touching with your fingers or tongue, and no straining your mouth open to have a look at it.

Gingivectomy Costs in Turkey

The costs of Gingivectomy in Turkey will vary depending on several factors. In general, the cost of Gingivectomy ranges in the hundreds of pounds, though some dentists can charge less if you’re treating up to three teeth in one session.

If you have health insurance, usually Gingivectomy is covered if it is being done to treat periodontal disease or a mouth injury.

The best way to reduce costs of Gingivectomy is by travelling to a country like Turkey, where the costs of dental treatment are lower – it’s an excellent way to reduce overall costs.

Medical tourism in the form of cosmetic surgery and dental treatment for example, is more common than you think. The main reason is that Turkey offers exceptional advantages to patients coming from highly developed countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, England, and the United States of America. Applications such as implants, porcelain veneersteeth whitening, aesthetic tooth filling, and dental crowns are popular options or those travelling to Turkey for treatment. Not forgetting Gingivectomy too.

Many are interested in why dental treatment in Turkey is so cheap compared to other areas of the world like the USA and the U.K. Firstly, one of the most significant influential factors on lower medical prices in Turkey is the country supporting the domestic manufacturing of any goods and products over importing. Consequently, any costs usually associated with shipping, logistics, and customs are eliminated from the final quote given by many clinics.

Secondly, the average salaries of a country underpin what is considered “low cost”. Not only income, but the cost of living is much higher in other world areas like the U.K and USA. Therefore, the low prices in Turkey have everything to do with the economy rather than the quality of procedures.

Why Choose Vera Clinic for Gingivectomy in Turkey

At Vera Clinic, we have specific packages that include everything you need when getting Gingivectomy in Turkey, which makes the experience straightforward and minimises stress. We can curate an all-inclusive package and manage all the organisation for you. The clinic will provide aftercare equipment and instructions for you and guide you through any steps you need to take after your operation. All your accommodation and transport will usually be included in the costs; you can contact us for the specific details.

Gingivectomy FAQs

How painful is a gingivectomy?

You may not feel pain right away, but as the numbing wears off a few hours after the procedure, the pain may be more sharp or persistent. An over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen will help ease the pain. Your gums will probably also bleed for a few days.

Do gums grow back after gingivectomy?

A gingivectomy to fix a “gummy smile” is permanent. The gum tissue is removed and will not grow back.

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