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The dentists and professional team at Vera Clinic offer versatile treatments to improve the oral health, fix the state of teeth, and bring the smile of our patients an everlasting healthy natural glow via a wide range of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental treatments.

Teeth whitening gel:

Teeth whitening gel is a technology that depends on whitening, or bleaching agents contained in opalescence gels to penetrate the enamel and breakdown stubborn stains entrenched beneath it; be it from excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages, tobacco use, or any other source. This treatment is ideal for teeth whitening as it is capable of removing discoloration while simultaneously preserving the enamel, preventing its damage and erosion. Moreover, it is a quick procedure with a time frame of around 1 and half hours.


Dental crowns:

Dental crowns are tooth shaped caps that are placed over a tooth to fully encase it. It is used to protect brittle teeth from decaying and breaking, as well as to cover dental implants. They can be made from a versatile range of material, including but not limited to: porcelain and metal. The dentists at Vera Clinic will discuss with and guide our patients, based on their dental state and desired aesthetic goals, on which material will be most fit and efficient for them.

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Dental veneers:

Dental veneers are slim custom-made shells applied exclusively to the front surface of teeth. It is a technique that can be applicable to myriad cosmetic dental problems to achieve permanent changes. They are most commonly used to change the shape, size, and fill gaps between teeth.

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All treatments and medical procedures described above strictly use top quality materials and resources which upon placement and application, give your teeth a very durable natural looking appearance.

Upon visiting and consulting our dentists, our patients will first receive a thorough explanation of each of the procedures mentioned above, have their concerns heard and addressed, and together with our dentists will assess which treatment is most ideal for the patients to achieve their preferred set of pearly whites. Our team will also take our patients through what to expect prior to the beginning of any procedure as well as supervise their post treatment phase.

The dental team at Vera Clinic will provide our patients with the needed medical care throughout the duration of their hospitalization.

***Our patients are to note that if they suffer from any dental related anxieties or phobias, our team will put their worries into consideration and offer them the best sedation options to relieve them from start to finish. The comfort of our patients is our utmost priority.

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