Dental Implants In Turkey

Dental implants from Vera Clinic allow you to really smile as you mean it. Getting dental implants in Turkey from our highly esteemed Istanbul dental clinic helps with boosting your confidence, enhances your appearance, and gives you the smile we know you’re deserving of. We at Vera Clinic offer some of the best dental treatments money can buy, along with a whole range of other procedures, such as hair transplants here in Turkey.

Dental implants in Turkey are the best choice for both quality and economy, as dental implants in Turkey cost far less than other clinics you will come across. Although dental implants in Istanbul cost less, they give you so much more, read on below and see our available options, so you can bring home that beam, and catch some rays in the meantime

Dental Implants Turkey: Top Tier Teeth Solutions

Dental implants in Turkey cost less, but we don’t cheap out when it comes to quality. Our standards are second to none, and our Istanbul dental implant clinic is renowned worldwide for our life-changing procedures, leaving your teeth in tip-top shape. We never face any teething problems at Vera Clinic, whether you are a local or are travelling from abroad, dental implants in Istanbul are known for their quality, long lasting effectiveness and overall, the full mouth dental implant cost in Turkey is by far the best for your money. With these combined factors, it means you can enjoy your time in our beautiful country while paying the reasonable Turkey dental implants price.

So, you know that Turkey dental implants prices are unmatched here at Vera Clinic, but as well as being exceptionally good value for money and the best in quality, you must be wondering what to expect when receiving dental implants in Turkey. We’ll break it down for you, so when you arrive at our dental implant clinic in Turkey, you’ll know exactly what you’re in for.

What To Expect At Our Dental Implant Clinic In Turkey

Vera Clinic’s full mouth dental implants in Turkey are the same quality as all other prestigious cosmetic clinic you will find worldwide. Our clinicians work tooth-and-nail to ensure that only the highest quality treatments take place, so at our Istanbul dental implant clinic, you can expect only the best.

When receiving full mouth dental implants in Istanbul, the procedure involves the installation of prosthetic units into the jaw, precisely designed to your tailored specifications, allowing for a prosthetic structure to replace gaps within your smile that have been left by lost teeth. Whether you want a dental implant from Turkey for medical reasons, due to loss of teeth, functional purposes, enabling you to use your teeth to the standard that you would like to, or you’re an aesthetically motivated person, who just wants that full, beaming smile, getting a dental implant in Turkey costs less and allows you to gain a huge range of benefits from this simple procedure.

Dental implants in Turkey are just like those from anywhere else in the world. The physical structure consists of three major units, harmoniously assembled to create an unbeaten composition. These three components involved are the sturdy, durable and comfortable titanium root, the abutment, directly above the root, acting as a connector to the final element, the crown, which can be altered to your preference, aligning with the colour tones of your pre-existing teeth, or available in whatever shade you would prefer.

Benefits Of Dental Implants In Turkey

Vera Clinic’s dental implants in Turkey are durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand day-to-day use, as would any tooth. However, dental implants in Turkey costs will differ depending on the materials used in the crown itself, and subsequently, so will the longevity of the prosthetic crown. Even so, our Turkey dental implants prices are still unmatched internationally, and regardless of the materials used, our dental implant clinic in Turkey makes sure that the implants last permanently, enduring the daily pressures of oral activity.

Along with the aesthetic value, there are also many medical benefits that you can enjoy by visiting our Istanbul dental implant clinic. The procedure will ultimately prevent bone resorption, meaning that the chances of old bone breaking down become much slimmer. In turn, the decrease in bone resorption will increase the levels of comfort when you chew, reduce the risk of wrinkles forming around your mouth, eliminate facial or jaw pain and also decrease the chance of your other teeth beginning to shift, loosen and ultimately come out.

Dental implants in Turkey will also improve your overall oral health, allowing you to not only look as good as your new smile but also feel the benefits, with the risk of oral pain dramatically reduced, while restoring the lost glow to your natural smile. Look better, feel better, and eat better, with the help of our dental implant clinic in Turkey.

Dental Implants In Turkey: Your New Anatomy

The tri-unit structure of our dental implants in Turkey is specifically purpose-made, ensuring that with proper care, getting this procedure at our dental implant clinic in Turkey will result in a huge 98% success rate, and can last you a lifetime. Consisting of the titanium root, the conjoining abutment and a life-like crown, each individual element of this structure is of equal importance and serves its own practical purpose in creating your new tooth. The combined teamwork of these individual components allows them to blend into your smile seamlessly while mimicking a natural tooth, able to fulfil its primary function with ease.

The titanium dental implant is the anchor that ties your dental implant journey in Turkey firmly together. Securely set in place, as well as holding the base of your new tooth together, this will also act as an obstructive element, disallowing bone deterioration within your mouth. Deep-rooted underneath your gum, firmly beneath your jawbone, the implant sits tightly, but comfortably. Pressure is also applied from the root to the implant, which creates an area of compression that results in the stimulation of blood circulating within the designated area. Preventing blood resorption is a vital element when it comes to oral health, and the implant can achieve this itself before the additional pieces are placed above it.

Following this, the addition of the abutment is a vital factor to connect the visible prosthetic tooth to the anchor itself. A short healing process will take place before the abutment is installed, so when you visit our Istanbul dental implant clinic, this will not be the first and only time you stop by. Osseointegration begins following this, a process where the jawbone grows into and unites with the surface of the dental implant. This process takes several weeks to several months, so a consultation will be needed to assess your requirements and evaluate an appropriate timeframe.

Finally, the last step in receiving your dental implants in Istanbul will be the addition of the crown, the element that will appear as your new tooth, visible to the world when you’re flashing your brand-new designer smile. Surfacing above your gum, this will have the visual likeness to any normal, healthy tooth. As aforementioned, the full mouth dental implants cost in Turkey will differ depending on the base material used for the crown. The preferred substance for longevity is our Zirconium based crowns, known to be effective, strong, and able to survive best in the long term.

Durable, thicker, and unsusceptible to chipping, this will grace you with an authentic, natural smile when you visit our dental implant clinic in Turkey. For advice and a quote depending on your specific needs, contact us today and discover how much your full mouth dental implants cost will be when choosing Vera Clinic.

Dental Implants In Turkey – FAQs

How Long Does Getting Full Dental Implants in Turkey Take?

Getting a full dental implant in Turkey can take as little as 6 months in total, from start to finish. This is assuming that there are no complications, and you may need to finalise your procedure up to a year after your initial visit if any anomalies occur. We believe that a dental implant in Turkey should not be a rushed process, and we only want the best for you when attending our dental clinic. With proper care, your dental implant in Turkey can last 10 – 15 years, so the small comparative amount of time spent getting the procedure is well worth it in the long run.

How Long After Getting My Dental Implants in Turkey Until I Can Eat?

You can eat roughly one hour after getting your dental implant in Turkey. At this point, you may remove the gauze sponges within your mouth and eat something soft, avoiding hot food and drinks and hard food for the first 24 hours following your surgery.

We make sure that you don’t have to bite off more than you can chew with full mouth dental implant costs in Turkey, which is why we offer affordable options for our procedures and Turkey dental implants prices are unbeaten worldwide. For more information, please visit our Blog Page, where we have more details regarding full mouth dental implants in Turkey, and much more.

Will I Feel Pain During the Procedure?

You will need to go with an experienced dentist to make sure the procedure is safe and performed to the best standard possible. The elementary procedure could last between 15-20 minutes but last up to 15 years so if you do experience some pain, it might be worth it for the results. During the procedure you will be under local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel pain except for the injection that might sting slightly. You will become numb in the mouth after the injection and therefore, no sharp or painful effects will be felt. After your operation, you are likely to experience some pain, and this can be treated with over the counter painkillers and also ice.

What Will You Feel During the Procedure?

During the procedure, you will feel pressure and some movement applied to your mouth, this will be the dentist’s hands. You will also feel vibrations from a drill but this won’t cause any pain, due to the anaesthetic.

How Many Teeth Can Dental Implants Replace?

Typically, one unit will replace one tooth and based on the number of gaps and their adjacency, patients may need fewer dental implants than there are gaps. For instance, if a patient has three consecutive gaps, they may need only two implants and three crowns. The two implants are placed on the two ends, and a bridge of crowns is attached above it. This method provides equivalent support to individual implants at lower rates.

Will it Always Be Local Anaesthetic Used?

At Vera Clinic, we use local anaesthetic for many of our patients, but some will be put under sedatives instead if it’s a more complex procedure. Sedatives produce a completely different effect; they will make the whole body relaxed rather than just numbing the mouth. If you are treated with a sedative, you will likely have no recollection or memory of what has happened. Those who have a fear of dental procedures and the dentist, in general, will benefit from the advantages of a sedative. If you would like to discuss the type of anaesthetic or sedative, you wish to have while undergoing the procedure, don’t hesitate to get in touch before your appointment.

Can Dental Implants Fail?

This doesn’t commonly happen as all our procedures go according to plan. The only way an operation could fail is if the bone and titanium root didn’t fuse completely, if this happens, the dentist will remove the implant. In this case, the procedure can be tried again after 3 months. Make sure you don’t drink alcohol or smoke within this time or keep your consumption to and minimum and focus on your health. If you don’t, this could be a hinder to the fusion process and you might not be able to have dental implants.

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