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Celebrities With Killer Cheekbones

Cheekbones have become increasingly desired in our modern times, or say it may seem. In reality, swooning over cheekbones can be traced to as far back as our nomad days. Little to do with media influence, and everything to do with the human subconscious, cheekbones are mostly attributed to adults as the baby fat wears off, revealing a well-defined structure signifying maturity and readiness to bear or have children.

However, our glamorization of the protuberant features grew and so did their influence. The impact of cheekbones on the overall facial features and first impressions is very significant. Listed below are celebrities with to-die-for cheekbones.

1– James Franco

James Franco emerged to his fame after landing his role in the iconic NBC TV show “Freaks and Geeks” in 1999. The messy wavy hair, protuberant cheekbones, full lips, and kind eyes that had the American actor looking like a young  James Dean soon had the girls in the early twenties fainting over his looks. James Franco landed multiple roles in big-hit movies such as “Spider-Man.” While James’ success is not entirely, the result of his handsome countenance and more the effect of his effortless talent, we are satisfied his cheekbones did attribute to a certain extent to his achievements and eternal heart-throb status.

2– Johnny Depp

Where do we even start with this one? The brilliant Academy Awards winner Johnny Depp, the star of the ’90s. The dreamboat superstar rose to fame after landing his role in the TV series “21 Jump Street” in 1987. Preceding 1987, Johnny Depp landed a few roles, however, his career skyrocketed post “21 Jump Street.” His exquisite talent, versatile acting roles, and most importantly iconic to-die-for cheekbones have contributed to building Johnny Depp’s unique long-standing impact on the film industry along with his unprecedented acting skills.

3– Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s character and position evolved through the years to balance both being an actress and a humanitarian who is constantly advocating for human rights all around the globe. Talk about change, no one would have thought the Diva Angelina Jolie would grow out her rebellious attitude. One thing is for sure, those cheekbones were a constant her entire career. Angelina landed her first pronounce appearance in the movie “Gia” in 1998. Her ascend to ultimate fame was accelerated by her role in “Girl, Interrupted”. The golden Globes cheekbones winner’s high cheekbones allowed the actress to pursue diversity in her roles and to leave an Iconic print in the history of Hollywood and the film industry.

4Natalie Portman

The doe-eyed sweetheart Natalie portman earned her first film debut in the 1994’s “The Professional.” Her role and acting in the film as a hitman’s apprentice attracted the attention of Hollywood’s biggest critics, and Natalie Portman’s ascent to fame began simmering. Her captivating performances in multiple roles, some brief and some complex, young Natalie Portman acquired her title as an A-lister. Some of the Golden Globes and Academy Awards winning actress’s significant roles were in Darren Afronsky’s Black Swan. Portman has an iconic sweet countenance with a well-defined structure, that accentuated the aura of the characters she portrayed.

In closing

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