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Places to visit when on a medical tourism trip to Istanbul

Ignorant to the vastness of Istanbul, hasty touristic plans of adventurers who intent on discovering every square inch of the city soon melt into air when faced with the geographical grandeur reality of the Eurasian city. With all it’s crooks and crannies, it’s deep alleys and timeworn tunnels, Istanbul tells an ancient story in the whiffs of the wind, the twinkling of the Bosporus, and the echoes of the birds. To live the optimal experience in the dissolved essence of the Ottoman Empire, you will need guidance to take advantage of the little time you have there. There are major touristic attractions that could not possibly pass by you, but there are as well secret hidden regions of Istanbul. Unless you have lived in the…


Medical Tourism: The Multi-Purpose Tourism Trend

The phenomenon of globalization and the infamous high tech innovations of our era have become to replicate a sewing machine that contributed massively to the interweaving of the miscellaneous cultures around the world. The spreading knowledge of the various sporadic histories that have existed and the remaining architectural marks that have withstood generations of wars and rubbles to echo the secrets, the cries and the laughter of its precedents, has fueled our love for travel to experience the sentiments of the past first hand. As our objectives grow, both in vanity and travels, trends that blend the two interests in one experience have emerged under the title of medical tourism. Medical tourism is a world on its own, an exceptional journey and a promise for…


Are hair transplants safe in Turkey?

The hair transplant industry exponentially swelled to become the greatest industry in the world second to none. With global eyes scrutinizing the industry, it is natural for its reputation to be somewhat blemished and the negative side exaggerated. If it weren’t hair transplants we are talking about, perhaps, the effects of libel and slander won’t be deep-rooted in the minds of intrigued patients. However, because the results of a hair transplant are permanent and long-lasting, patients are wary, if they ever approach the concept, it’d be motivated by dubious curiosity. A great majority of international patients had their scalps successfully blanketed with luscious hair. While that is one side of the story, although often buried beneath the scandals and the debates; there is another side,…


Why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey?

You heard so much about hair transplants in Turkey and the respective rise of the popularity of the destination for cosmetic surgery. Driven by an innate thrill to discover more about this previously hidden golden opportunity, the cheap costs of hair transplants and cosmetic surgery in Turkey entirely transform your perspective. What was previously a dreamy experience is now a niche of darkness and doubt. Why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey? A typical reaction in a society where costs have come to be a conspicuous metric of quality. However, most patients fail to acknowledge the differences in global economics, and that the costs when contrasted with those in the UK and the US make the decision of reverting or indulging a matter of…


7 Reasons Why Hair transplant Turkey Is The World’s First Choice

The world's hair transplant center, Turkey welcomes at least 5000 medical tourists every month. All of whom are seeking the Eurasian country to restore their confidence. Hair transplant Turkey has become more than just a medical procedure. It is an experience that grants patients a new start. A start that is free from self-doubt and worries of incompetencies. Hair transplant Turkey comes with unprecedented benefits and advantages. Below are seven reasons that helped Istanbul be the world's biggest hair transplants attraction. Additionally, 7 reasons why hair transplant Turkey is a phenomenal experience and a golden opportunity. Reasons Why Hair Transplant Turkey Is The Number One Choice  1- Turkey Retains A Variety Of Clinics For Patients To Choose From With over 350 hair transplant clinics on its grounds,…

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