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Science Of Curly Hair

The Science Behind Curly Hair and How to Achieve Bouncy Curls

Long gone are the days we dimmed the glory of our curls with perm and chemicals to straighten them out. Recently, curly-headed men and women have grown to accept and love their bouncy curls despite the lack of media representation. Part of the beauty in curly hair comes from the diversity of curl types that come to life the fresher and thicker the hair is. Everything about curly hair is peculiar, from the moment of its production to its maintenance curly hair is a world of its own. While all strangers see is fluffy curls, only you know the struggle of maintaining your wild mane.   The chemistry of curly hair So much happens in the body to produce the characteristic twisted patterns that later form…

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment: Everything You Want to Know

PRP hair treatment is a new solution for hair loss that is making a big fuss. PRP generally is a term that has been frequently exchanged recently in sport and cosmetic news alike. From athletes seeking the treatment to recover from injuries to aging men and women pursuing the therapy to look younger. So what is PRP and more specifically PRP hair treatment? What Is PRP Treatment? PRP refers to platelet-rich plasma. And it's a biochemical treatment that has uses in various medical fields. PRP first appeared as a treatment for joints and tendons after injuries or surgeries. Since then, its potential began gradually appearing through studies and researches. The secret to its success and versatility is a healing extract obtained from your own blood.…

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