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DHI FUE Hair Transplant

DHI Choi FUE Hair Transplant: What They Never Tell You

As the demand for hair transplant increases, so does the need for better techniques. The hair transplant industry generally calls for advancements. Could be the competition or the passion for the field, but it seems new innovations keep popping up. One such technique is the DHI Choi FUE. But, this does not mean that every innovation is a breakthrough. Some variations might enhance on a particular aspect, but at the cost of another. So at what cost is DHI Choi FUE operating? There is no doubt about the popularity of the treatment. But, it is important to note that the prevalence, in no way, correlates to scientific evidence. Sometimes it is good marketing. So you need to do your research always. And try to dig…

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE: The Magic Of Sapphire In Hair Transplants

With its most popular role in jewelry to weapon making. Sapphire is making an appearance hair transplants. Owing to its properties, the valuable gemstone is revolutionizing the hair transplant industry. And Sapphire FUE is becoming the hot topic of the decade. Listed below are characteristics of sapphire that make it ideal. Properties of Sapphire 1- Non Thrombogenic Sapphire is popular as a raw material for medical-surgical instruments for this property. Sapphire is non-thrombogenic. Non-thrombogenicity refers to the ability for a stone to produce a clot upon contact with the blood. It is also non-reactive, making the technique of Sapphire FUE safe. 2- Hard Sapphire, the second hardest element on earth simultaneously possesses a contradicting trait. Although sapphire is the hardest stone, second only to diamond,…

Hair Transplant Procedure

How Do Hair Transplants Work And Is It Permanent?

  Hair transplants are rising in popularity and creating a noise while doing so. And many people are wondering how do hair transplants work? Moreover, are they permanent?   The concept is very simple and straightforward. There are a few points that we first need to discuss before getting into the topic. The Notorious Pattern Of Baldness Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia; is the most popular form of hair loss. This particular pattern of hair loss is prevalent among hair loss patients. Usually, the hair loss begins in the hairline and spreads to the crown. Hair tend to remain on the back of the scalp and sides.   The typical pattern of hair loss can be a point of interest for many. It is…


FUE vs FUT: Which is The Better Hair Transplant Technique?

The FUE vs FUT debate has been around for so long now. Few understand the differences between the techniques and their side effects. In this article, we will discuss the differences between FUT vs FUE. FUE vs FUT: The Standard Hair Transplant Techniques  Both FUE and FUT are are the primary techniques for the procedure. Other techniques are variants of the FUE hair transplant. Both FUE and FUT have a similar process overview. Wherein both include extraction of hair follicles, sorting grafts, channel-opening, and finally implantation.   To understand the underlying differences, we'll divide the FUE vs FUT discourse into points.  Extraction Of Grafts  In FUT your doctor extracts grafts from the back of the scalp by removing a layer of skin. This leaves behind…

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