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Science Of Androgenic Alopecia

The science of androgenic alopecia

By and far, androgenic alopecia passed through all the versatile civilizations of history from the greatest to the most trifle and everything in between. Feeding on the youth and the hairline of the young to grow the veneer of mystery that neither advanced nor conventional science could penetrate. the science of androgenic alopecia the science of androgenic alopecia the science of androgenic alopecia In more prosaic language, for a condition that has inflicted, consistently, feelings of anxiety on the individuals affected by it throughout history, a remedy for the age-old conundrum that has never been greeted with open arms but rather with hostility, is still under progress. From natural herbs to surgical treatments, prayers and sage, spiritual and medical, the left and the right have…

Hair Cloning

5 Recent Facts You Need to Know About Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is a proposed treatment for hair restoration. The technology of hair cloning operates on the concept of stem cells. The ability of body tissue to keep a reservoir of stem cells has paved the way for the cutting-edge technology of hair cloning. The possibilities are endless with this technique. And by the looks of it, could be the future of hair transplants. Hair cloning differs from hair transplants in many ways. The first being is that hair transplants work by moving hair follicles from one place to another. Whereas hair cloning aims to make follicles using stem cells. Of course if research on hair cloning succeeds, it would be a better alternative to hair transplant. In the following article, we'll share 5 facts…

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