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Microblading: 6 Things You Must Know Before Your procedure

Microblading is a non-surgical eyebrow restoration technique that has taken the world by storm. It’s become a prevalent procedure ever since social media influencers fit into the trend. Particularly in a world where eyebrows are the new fashion focus, eyebrow restoration is becoming a major part of cosmetic procedures. There are always new techniques emerging that provide optimal results. And the new wave is now microblading. But is microblading the best option for eyebrow restoration? Are there better alternatives? We’ll answer all this below, so read along. 1- What Is Microblading? Microblading is a technology that uses tattooing to reshape or restore the eyebrows. The main instrument is pen-like consisting of numerous microneedles. Your technician makes hair-like strokes on the eyebrow using it. During this…

Hair Transplant Before And After

Hair Transplant Before And After Pictures And Stories

Below you will find hair transplant before and after pictures and stories. The following patients have visited the Vera Clinic Hospital to finally turn their lives around. Hair loss is a condition that harms our self-esteem and jeopardizes our progress and success in life. The following hair transplant before and after pictures portray this precious moment of leaving the past behind. It is a new hairline, it is a new life, and a fresh start. Hair Transplant Before And After Stories 1- Mr. Muhannad Abu Majed Many patients begin to lose a sense of self-worth as their hairline begins to recede. Naturally, what tails after is social withdrawal from events. The isolation hair loss drives gradually leads to a dull life. So was the case…

Hair Transplant Scar

3 Ways To Avoid A Hair Transplant Scar

A hair transplant scar is a side effect many wish to avoid. It limits hairstyle choices and makes people uncomfortable through exposing their procedure to everyone. There are things to look out for that can prevent you from getting a hair transplant scar. 3 Ways To Avoid A Hair Transplant Scar 1- The Technique You Choose There are numerous hair transplants techniques out there. Every technique posses a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Some methods cause visible hair transplant scars. Whereas other techniques perform the procedure with no tell tale signs. The technique you should stay away from if you don’t want scars is the FUT hair transplant. FUT creates a visible hair transplant scar on the donor site. This is because the technique…

Hair Tranplant UK

Hair Transplant UK: The Costs, The Cons, and The Alternatives

Hair transplant is a hair restoration procedure that can reverse hair loss. Because it is a cosmetic surgery procedure, the NHS does not cover hair transplant UK. The UK is among the top 10 countries with the highest hair loss incidents. Hair loss is a phenomenon that affects nearly 50% of the world population, with a bit of a racial bias. Hair loss is least common in Africans and Asians, and more likely to appear in Europeans. For instance, in the UK 39.23% of the population suffers hair loss. What Is A Hair Transplant A hair transplant is a procedure that reverses hair loss by moving hair from dense areas to bald areas. The hair adapts in its new location and continues to grow. Likewise,…

Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey: The Complete Guide From A to Z

Hair transplant is growing in popularity and gaining a lot of attention. The Vera Clinic prepared the following comprehensive guide to help you learn about hair transplant Turkey. Everything you need to know about the process you will find below. Form risks, to techniques and alternatives. Hair Transplant Turkey Statistics According to the Turkish Health Care Travel Council, 750,000 health tourists visit Turkey annually. That is around 6,500 health tourists who come for hair transplant Turkey monthly. Amounting to 75,000 hair transplant procedures per year. Europeans and Russians account for a great percentage of health tourists. And the numbers are to exponentially grow in the coming years. What Is A Hair Transplant? A hair transplant is a micro-surgery procedure that restores hair growth after hair…

Hair Transplant Cost

The Average Hair Transplant Cost Around The World

Hair transplant cost is a variable thing. It differs from one country to another. There are several factors that affect the average hair transplant cost. These include average salary and value for money. And for this reason, it becomes important to learn of how differently hair transplant cost from one continent to another. Because this will give you the opportunity to cut down on costs, visit countries you have always wanted to, and get better treatment. As a health tourist checking prices of hair transplants can fundamentally change your experience. Average Hair Transplant Cost Around The World 1- The USA The average hair transplant cost in the USA is around is between $4000 to $15000. The lower end of the scale is for very archaic…

Hair Restoration Network

Behind The Scenes Of The Hair Restoration Network

What the innocuous receding of the hairline signifies in terms of vitality and health is typically negative. Although the relationship between the deterioration of well-being and hair loss is not a binary concept. Over the years, we have come to accept hair loss as a metric of youth. The following factors that include the perception of baldness by society and the daunting consequences of the prejudice on the individual have all contributed to the rise of popularity and normalization of the procedure. Why Is The Hair Restoration Network Popular Corporations seize such opportunities to exploit the desperate state of patients and oftentimes ignorance for profit. The success of cosmetic surgery corporations with advertisements typically leaves a miserable individual on the other end. Obviously, this applies to…

Hair Transplant Hospital

How To Choose A Hospital For Hair Transplant In Turkey

Now back to the topic. To get good healthcare in a flourishing medical tourism culture like Turkey, you’ll have to choose the right hospital for hair transplants. In fact, selecting good hospitals for any professional treatment is important for success. And it makes sure you will come out satisfied with the results.   But how do you choose the right hospital for hair transplant? There are several factors you must consider when choosing a hospital for a hair transplant. Below we’ll unravel the secrets you need to know to select the safest choice for a sensitive procedure. Choosing The Right Hospital For Hair Transplant 1- Adequate Experience A safe approach would be to resort to healthcare providers with elaborate experience. Both in the medical field…


5 Benefits To Online Medical Consultation In Hair Transplant

Online medical consultation is becoming a huge trend because it is a great help to many patients. Getting on track with hair transplants can be a confusing process. But, you can save yourself time by getting help. Start by having a professional answer to your questions. Likewise, the professional can help create a treatment plan for you. Moreover, you can get help with what you need to do. Many patients take matters into their own hands. And this leads to wrong choices and unsatisfactory results. Below you will find 5 reasons why online appointments are popular. You can read the following article for tips on how to take pictures for online consultation. 5 Reasons Why Medical Consultation Is Important 1- Check Your Eligibility In an…

The Norwood Scale

The Norwood Scale: Hair Loss Treatments For Every Stage

The Norwood Scale is a common system that classifies male pattern baldness hair loss into several groups. This classification system was the original criterion of James Hamilton in the 1950s. Later modified by O’Tar Norwood in the 1970s, the scale adopted the name of the latter. But is oftentimes referred to as the Hamilton-Norwood scale.   Although isn't a reliable measure, the Norwood scale is endorsed as the standard hair loss classification system. This system classifies male pattern baldness 7 distinct categories. What Are The Benefits Of The Norwood Scale? The Norwood scale classifies male pattern hair loss into 7 categories. Through this, it simplifies communication between you and doctors. Likewise, it helps you understand your hair loss condition and treatments. This is because every…

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