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Elon Musk Hair Transplant

Elon Musk Hair Transplant: Secrets & How Much It Cost Him

The engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk has been under the public eye for quite some period. But recently, everyone is marveling at his hair transformation. Elon Musk hair Transplant has been a hot topic, particularly since the young businessman has been on the path to baldness quite publicly. But much to everyone’s surprise, the gentleman is looking his classiest with his thick hair. Elon Musk Hair Loss It isn’t difficult to track Elon Musk’s hair loss and his sudden change given he’s always had a prominent presence in the media. From his innovations to his lifestyle, Elon Musk has managed to remain relevant. Going down the entrepreneur’s timeline of pictures, it is evident that his hairline was beginning to recede. Shortly after launching PayPal, Elon…

David Beckham Hair Transplant

David Beckham Hair Transplant Speculations & 422 predictions

The year of 2020 has had a rocky start that perhaps sent its waves beyond politics. On January first, a twitter user dug into media archives to revive and brush the dust off a 1998 piece published by FourTwoTwo magazine that holds an article image resembling the ripening of the ever attractive David Beckham by the year of two thousand and twenty. The tweet holding a juxtaposition of the prediction of Beckham's anticipated matured countenance and the footballer's actual picture in the year of 2020, went viral on the application earning 23.4K likes. The discrepancy between the pictures, begs the question of how a to-age-like-milk prophecy turned to an aged-like-wine reality. Regardless of the underlying incentive behind the FourTwoTwo prophecy, and albeit the controversy, the…

Celebrities With Killer Cheekbones

Celebrities with killer cheekbones

Cheekbones have become increasingly desired in our modern times, or say it may seem. In reality, swooning over cheekbones can be traced to as far back as our nomad days. Little to do with media influence, and everything to do with the human subconscious, cheekbones are mostly attributed to adults as the baby fat wears off, revealing a well-defined structure signifying maturity and readiness to bear or have children. However, our glamorization of the protuberant features grew and so did their influence. The impact of cheekbones on the overall facial features and first impressions is very significant. Listed below are celebrities with to-die-for cheekbones. 1- James Franco James Franco emerged to his fame after landing his role in the iconic NBC TV show "Freaks and…

Celebrities Who Opted For Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery, Risks, Alternatives, & 5 Celebrities Who Opted For It

Perhaps you're driven mad by your deteriorating eyesight as you struggle to read your text messages. Be it your disdain for constantly misplacing your glasses, or the cloud of fog that hurdles around in the winter. You are not the only person to find a blue sky in laser eye surgery. Red carpet stars, the old and the young, the entire demographic of poor vision are raving after laser eye surgery. The benefits and the science of it make it a fit alternative and an ideal eye refractive surgery. What Is Laser Eye Surgery LASIK or Laser in-situ keratomileusis is as the name suggests, a laser-assisted refractive surgery. On rough estimations, laser eye surgery is considered the most sought after corrective vision surgery. The procedure…

Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss In Women: Treatments & Red Carpet Stories

Whether in the glam and dazzling Hollywood or across the countryside, hair loss in women is a phenomenon that doesn't discriminate. Although it seems the fast-paced life of the modern movie star and jet-setting model can mean that celebrities often put their hair under a lot of strain.  Whether due to trauma, stress, hormones, or medical conditions, women of all ages are susceptible to hair loss. Hair Loss In Women Hair loss in women is a condition that can result due to a number of health problems. According to research, hair loss in women is a general cause of distress. Likewise, it is met with hasty research to find a solution. What most women fail to understand sooner is that hair loss in women doesn’t…

Celebrities with Dental Implants

5 Celebrities With Teeth Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry

It's called a Hollywood smile for a reason. Cosmetic dentistry is incredibly popular among the stars, which is why so many celebrities have taken to shaping up their smile with dentistry. In aesthetic terms, a straight set of teeth can really transform your entire face so that you can go from the average sidekick to the protagonist heartthrob with just one procedure. Dental implants also help to improve the overall oral health of your mouth and perfect teeth can do wonders for confidence and clarity of speech. Here is a list of celebrities who have improved their life with cosmetic dentistry: 1. Cheryl Cole The singer and judge who made her name in the pop group Girls Aloud didn't always have a perfect smile. After…

Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplants: 14 Most Unexpected Transformation

Hair transplants are among the number one procedures for men. Celebrity hair transplants are taking over Hollywood. With new luscious hair lines appearing on the red carpet and football fields every once in a while. Some celebrity hair transplants go by unnoticed, whereas other transformations have shook the world With styles ranging from radiant to ridiculous, celebrities across all forms of entertainment are placing greater emphasis on their hair and its health. But not everyone has natural locks that last forever. An increasing number of famous names have not-so-secretly invested in hair transplants to look more youthful, reduce the signs of premature balding and aging, or for vanity reasons. Here are a handful of celebrities who had hair transplant: Celebrity Hair Transplants Wayne Rooney  Perhaps…

Antonio Conte Hair

Antonio Conte Hair: How The Italian Player Transformed Appearance

There are several high-profile individuals in the football world who have reaped the benefits of a good hair transplant. It's no secret that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had the procedure done. And his hair looks great throughout the football season. But the Premiership manager who has seen the best results from a hair transplant goes to Chelsea boss Antonio Conte hair. A quick search online will show you that a great number of football fans have searched for terms like 'Antonio Conte Hair Loss' or 'Antonio Conte Hair Transplant'. And this is a testament to the impressive results he has been able to achieve with his hair. Those who remember him during his days as a player will recall that, like a lot of men,…

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