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Zafer Çetinkaya

Hair Transplant

Dr. Zafer Çetinkaya is a Hair Transplant Surgeon with over 9 years of experience in the field. Through out his professional life, he’s left his artistic impact on over 10,000 hair transplant patients both in operation and consultation.

His academic life is equally as impressive as his professional career, where Dr. Çetinkaya attended one of the finest & most prestigious university in the world.

After completing the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in 2011, Dr. Kaya successfully graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Çetinkaya saturates his knowledge through his persistent participation in educational programs and courses. For instance, he completed the Mesotherapy Application Certificate Program at İstanbul Medipol University and became an expert on Mesotherapy and PRP in 2015.

He also earned the Certificate of Achievement at Seminary – Workshop of Ultra V held on 15th, 16th February 2020. He also participated in Medical Aesthetics Regional Meeting in March 2020.

His many years of experience in Medical Aesthetics are supported by his belief in continuous education and self-improvement discipline.

His belief that every hair transplant patient has a dream is what makes Dr. Çetinkaya’s work standout. He is a reputation for bringing stories and dreams to life.

His expertise in the Sapphire FUE technique is extensive making him well versed in modern hair transplantation.

FUE Europe certificate

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