Selin Kılıç

Dr Selin kılıç

Selin Kılıç


Dr. Selin Kılıç is an excellent dentist who is competent in every field of general dentistry. During her internship years as a dentist, she has been accepted to the most well-known Dentistry Faculty of Italy, University of Padova with scholarship. She attended a special dental education programme there, learning from the most respected professors of Italy. After years of voluntary internships, she has graduated from one of the most prestigious universities of Istanbul, Bezmialem University with a degree.
Finding a penchant for dental aesthetics and smile design, Dr. Selin Kılıç had a tendency in her studies to Hollywood smile and digital smile design. She had hundreds of patients both from and outside of Turkey who are highly satisfied with their new smile created by Dr.Selin. She is also a member of EDAD(Aesthetic Dentists Association), the most respected private dental institution that accepts dentists as a member with an advanced criteria.


8 years



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