Savas Altan At Veraclinic


Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Savaş Altan was born in Germany in the year 1966 and later moved to Turkey to begin his future endeavors. He achieved his first academic milestone in 1984 where he graduated from Kabataş Boys High School and began crafting his professional pathway. By 1990 Dr. Altan earned the title of “Medical Doctor” from Uludağ Faculty of Medicine.

During the period between 1992 to 2013, Dr. Altan offered his professional expertise to nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Since then, he has been practicing his medical profession on his own examination.

His professional skills:

Geriatric Medicine

Medical Aesthetic

Medicine Hypnotherapist


His personal hobbies:
Dr. Altan practices sculpting in his spare time. The activity accentuates some of his strongest assets which include patience, precision, agility, and attention to detail.

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