Bosley Hair Transplant Center Review

Bosley Hair Transplant

Bosley is a reputable hair transplant centre based in the heart of Beverly Hills. The center later ramified its branches over a four-decade period to expand its presence in the region. Eventually, it dominated the scene of American hair transplantation. Although well known in the USA, Bosley, like alternative hair transplant centers in the area, are expensive.   This makes the experience out of reach for many. While the news may bear with it an air of negativity to you, like a dark cloud, there is always a silver lining.   Your Bosley hair dreams are attainable for much lower costs on another continent in a different country. Encompassed between the walls of another hospital, between the hands of experienced surgeons.   The ability to…


Celebrities with killer cheekbones

Celebrities With Killer Cheekbones

Cheekbones have become increasingly desired in our modern times, or say it may seem. In reality, swooning over cheekbones can be traced to as far back as our nomad days. Little to do with media influence, and everything to do with the human subconscious, cheekbones are mostly attributed to adults as the baby fat wears off, revealing a well-defined structure signifying maturity and readiness to bear or have children. However, our glamorization of the protuberant features grew and so did their influence. The impact of cheekbones on the overall facial features and first impressions is very significant. Listed below are celebrities with to-die-for cheekbones. 1- James Franco James Franco emerged to his fame after landing his role in the iconic NBC TV show "Freaks and…


Lupus Hair Loss: Symptoms, Types and Treatments

Lupus Hair Loss

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder signified by a failed immune system. With Lupus, the body's first line of defense loses its ability to differentiate foreign particles from body cells. In healthy individuals, the immune system is more precise in selecting invaders. But in lupus, antibodies are more hyperactive and less specific. The attacks of antibodies on healthy tissue and cells leads to organ damage over a period of time. This leads to symptoms like Lupus hair loss   The symptoms of lupus are vast and vary from one person to another. Some of the symptoms of lupus include arthritis, joint pain, fatigue, oral ulcers, photosensitivity, skin rash, and hair loss. The focus of the article will be on lupus hair loss, symptom, and its treatments.…


Laser Hair Therapy, PRP, and OxyCure: Differences & Similarities

Laser Hair Therapy VS OxyCure

With a mutual interest to receive the best results possible from hair transplantation, supplementary treatments to hair transplants are growing in popularity. Among the most efficient and most recent as well are PRP therapy, laser hair therapy, and OxyCure therapy. The techniques vary in their benefits and methods of altering the results of hair transplantation. A Quick Overview Of PRP, Laser, & OxyCure Therapy PRP Therapy Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a treatment that was initially created to cater to the field of athletic injuries. However, as the perks of the techniques in addition to its versatile benefits became apparent, the applications of PRP therapy started to move to different fields such as cosmetic surgery. The active components in the treatment are growth factors, a miscellaneous…


Life-hacks: hair transplant edition

Life Hacks Hair Transplant

Life hacks have become the internet's favorite trend of simplifying much of our daily activities. A more efficient way to carry groceries, charming tactics to attract the love of your life, methods for stern time and money management, and the topics move in a gradation of increasing preciseness. A shortcut to a long-awaited makeover is perhaps the dream of many chrome domes, and 'life-hacks: hair transplant edition' was a concept already quivering on the horizon. Perhaps some difficulties are in the way of the hair you deserve, but acquiescing to the circumstances is not always a solution. There are far simpler routes to get around a versatile range of obstacles, the prevalent and the scarce of them when it comes to hair transplants. Below are…


PRP therapy, laser treatment, and Oxy Cure

PRP therapy, laser treatment, and Oxy Cure therapy are some of the most prevalent solutions initially designed for alternative cellular issues, but as their benefits developed, so did their applications. Expanding beyond the confinements of their intrinsic purposes, the above treatments were soon being tested for hair loss. For the treatment of hair loss, the results varied depending on the underlying cause. It was found that the selected treatments are more efficient when in conjuncture with hair transplants. Hair loss is a natural process and crucial element of the hair cycle, on average it is expected to lose around 100 hairs per day, and in most cases the natural cycle presumes, and the hairs are replaced. In other instances, the loss is permanent due to…


Sapphire FUE: Contributions of the Vera Clinic in hair transplants

Sapphire FUE

After earning his bachelors in medicine and finding his passion in cosmetic surgery, one of Turkey’s most skilled surgeons Dr. Kazim Sipahi launched on his career journey. Vera Clinic first manifested in the feeble connections of Dr. Sipahi’s imagination, however, owing to his commitment to accomplish his dream in addition to his panoramic vision, the fantasy soon became reality. The start of the Vera Clinic soon proved to be a monumental memory for the founders, patients, and hair transplant centers around the globe alike. Perceiving hair transplants from an angle stripped of vanity, the procedure became a life-changing art that is felt, studied, and crafted by the agile hands of surgeons. In the decade and a half of practice, trials, and thousands of surgeries, Dr.…