How baldness surpassed natural selection

Baldness And Natural Selection

Could the hair restoration industry be an illusion, a charade of stigma to facilitate the capitalist wheel for corporations to profit off the innocuous and natural receding of the hairline? How could have baldness surpassed natural selection, the scrutinizing and highly-selective filter of evolution? A trait, if claimed loudly to be quite undesirable, should have long been exempt from existing in the genetic pool. However, up to 50% of the world's male population is destined to suffer a certain degree of hair loss, a generous demographic that opposes the predictions is incongruous to the present data and disparate from the stereotypes. Hair loss has proved to be a pervasive, relatively challenging concept to unravel and fathom fully. Despite androgenic alopecia earning a spot at the…


Hair Plugs For Women: What They Are And When To Consider Them

Hair Plugs For Women

Hair plugs are a method of hair restoration that comes up in many discussions. about, discussed, and considered by patients as a solution to hair loss. The treatment comes with its questions, hidden facts, and confusion that we’ll clear out in the following article. What Are Hair Plugs? Hair plugs are a method of hair restoration that is an archaic version of hair transplants. In everyday language hair plugs are old school hair transplants. And they are no longer available for their inconvenient side effects. So, the technique is eating the dust of modern hair transplants.   Hair plugs involves a similar mechanism to hair transplantation. For instance, the steps of graft harvesting and graft implantation are common factors.   In simpler words, graft harvesting…


Turkey’s Affordable Hair Transplant Industry: Behind The Scenes

Affordable Hair Transplant

An online feud presenting itself in the form of pseudo informative articles is flooding search engines. The polarizing topic of hair transplants in Turkey continues to be the primary subject. Opinions oscillating like a pendulum between the two extremes of the spectrum. Each with an agenda to promote, a goal to get, and profit to meet.   The controversy is the result of Turkey’s threatening and dominating presence in the market. Turkey’s success begs for competitors to use already-present bias against it. In attempts to dim its success for their own financial gains. Likewise, it allows uncertified clinics and hospitals to ride the wave of success for undeserved profit.   Patients tend to segregate towards either category, acquiring fears, or investing blind trust. Either missing…


breast reduction in Hollywood

Breast Reduction In Hollywood

Both breast augmentation and breast reduction have become increasingly more popular in recent years, or rather more openly talked about. While both breast surgeries may seem like polarising alternatives, the two are sought after by patients who seek proportionality, suffer emotionally, and sometimes physically from their natural breast size. A wave of celebrities has come forward about their breast reduction experiences, the causes that drove them towards it, and their life after surgery. With all the transformations taking place in Hollywood under the scrutinizing judgments of the public eye, a new perspective was unconcealed regarding the procedure. The following article will address the topic from a medical perspective as well. Breast reduction in Hollywood Instagram has become an online portfolio for successful transformations and glow-ups,…


Alopecia areata unraveled

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a condition related to dermatology that is characterized by sporadic, unpredictable loss of hair around the body. The alopecia is induced by an autoimmune disorder, a phenomenon where the body's immune system acquires a default in the recognition mechanism leading to the peculiar incident of misguided attacks towards allied cells. In alopecia areata, the attacks of the immune system are focused immensely on follicular units leading to the physical symptoms of the condition.  The state of hair loss, its progression, and endurance varies from one patient to the other but typically occurs in patches all around the scalp. Characteristics and causes of alopecia areata Biopsies of follicular units afflicted by the condition conclude concrete proof for the presence of an underlying immune…


Breast Augmentation Surgery: The all Inclusive Guide

Breast Augmentation

The breasts are essential in the appearance of the female physique. They are the center of grace, the visual milestone of fertility, and most importantly serve for a nurturing purpose. The public opinion on the breast augmentation surgery is split into contradicting sides of normalization and stigma of the surgical procedure. Without further ado, the following article, we will discuss the breast augmentation surgery from various aspects, from history to benefits and risks, process and finally, and the varying costs of the surgery. What is breast augmentation Surgery? Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that focuses on enhancing the size of the breast to make them appear fuller by implanting saline or silicone under the fat or muscle tissue [1]. Breast augmentation procedure It…


Mommy Makeover: Where to Get it, and Its Costs

Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is a makeover designed for mothers who wish to get their bodies back and restore their pre-pregnancy figures. The mom activities and stresses, stretching of the skin, changes in the body shape, and the other changes that happen can be a source of low self-esteem. While motherhood is a series of ups and downs, beautiful and sweet moments, mothers will be nostalgic for their non-maternal bodies. Your inclusive guide to a mommy makeover Some changes will be permanent, a period where mothers are more likely to be in a bad mental state adapting to a new life with their little one. A mommy makeover is a multi-procedure package that aim to give mothers the self-esteem boost they deserve and are lacking at such…