Winter hair care tips + 3 DIY hair masks for dry hair

We get it, as sweater-weather approaches, all we want to do is stay cuddled up drinking hot chocolate on a bed. Something about the shorter days and longer nights, the rain and the darkness makes us sleepy and lazy. However, while winter is the cozy season, it is also the season of Christmas and New Year’s. Let us be honest preps for big occasions begins months earlier, and what is a better way to glam up for all the celebrations coming up than a fancy hair-do with beautiful thick, shiny locks?

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Unfortunately, the weather in the cold months of the year is not very hair friendly. During the months of December to February, the air becomes dry; as a result, your hair becomes more brittle, frizzy, and broken. Additionally, it is not only your hair that suffers, but your scalp also becomes dry too and begins to flake.

So while you might be okay buried under layers of clothing during the winter, your hair is struggling. So do it justice and incorporate a hair care routine in your daily life. Trust us it will pay off substantially.



ere are some tips to prevent your hair from drying in the winter


1- Water, a lot of it

We tend to drink water less in wintertime, a habit we need to change. Water is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Make sure you get your 8 glasses per day to keep your skin and hair hydrated.

2- Avoid Blow drying

Air drying does not sound very inviting in the cold weather of the winter, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. It might be an inconvenience, but your hair is not made to handle heat. So blow drying is probably not your best option in the winter time. The weather is already exposing your hair to damage, so do not make it worse for it.

3- Less shampooing 

Over shampooing in general strips off natural oils in the scalp that are important for moisturizing. With the weather conditions over-shampooing catalyzes the drying and flaking of your scalp. Keep hair wash to a minimum and use conditioner.

4- Vitamin supplements

Balancing a healthy nutritious diet is not always achievable, whether due to financial limitations or a busy schedule. However, your hair does not understand that, and without supplying it with the right vitamins and minerals, it is guaranteed to grow brittle and damaged. Include vitamin supplements if you can not maintain an nutritous diet, however, it is always better to get your vitamins from food.


DIY masks to protect your hair from the

cold dry winter 


Coconut oil

Coconut oil has “just the right size and structure that it can penetrate into the cortex,” says Schueller, and therefore it can moisturize hair from the inside out.

For once, social media hype for an item was not exaggerated. Although a majority of hair products and masks only claim to strengthen your hair, coconut oil actually does. It is applications are versatile. It goes into cooking, skin care, and hair care.

According to NCBI oils like coconut oil and olive oil can penetrate to the cortex and prevent the hair from absorbing water. Moreover, because oils can penetrate the cuticle, its clogs gaps that otherwise would be occupied with aggressive substances. Henceforth, it reduces drying. Besides, coconut oil is the only oil the reduces protein damage in both damaged and undamaged hair.


Since coconut oil is usually hard in room temperature, scoop a few tablespoons out and place them in a bowl. Later put the bowl in a warm water bath. This should make the oil runny and easy to apply on your hair. Leave the oil mask in for about an hour and a half, then wash your hair as you usually would.


Argan Oil

Argan oil also made much noise when beauty bloggers first learned about it, and again the hype was not for nothing. Moroccan argan oil, the most expensive consumable oil to date, comes from the endemic argan tree in Morocco. In addition to its ability to penetrate the cortex, argan oil is a rich source of antioxidants that prevent the aging of your hair and its damage.

Apply argan oil on your scalp and hair, wait for an hour and a half, then wash your hair like you usually would.


Honey, egg, and olive oil mask

Eggs contain 70% keratin protein which is the same protein that makes up our hair. While not all the keratin will penetrate to the cortex, the proteins found in eggs form a protective layer and keep the cuticle intact. It will not fix the hair from inside out as do olive, coconut, and argan oils do. However, it will help keep the hair be shiny and healthy on the outside.


  1. 2 eggs
  2. A tablespoon of honey
  3. A couple of tabelspoons of olive oil


  1. Beat two eggs and olive oil together in a bowl until the mix is homogenous.
  2. Add in the honey, continue stirring until dense and foamy.
  3. Apply on your hair from scalp to roots.
  4. Cover your head with a shower cap.
  5. Wait for one hour.
  6. Wash your hair as you normally would until it is no longer sticky.


What if nothing works and you still want to look good for the holidays?


Certain hair types are more susceptible to damage than others. Moreover, hair strength is not always dependant on exterior care and diets. That is just one of two factors; the second most significant factor is your genetics. Although changing your genetics is not possible, it does not mean you are a hopeless case.

There is a recent non-surgical treatment known as PRP therapy for hair loss. According to numerous scientific research and studies, the treatment works wonders with hereditary hair loss for both men and women. PRP therapy injects platelet-rich plasma into your scalp in order to stimulate hair growth and halt hair loss. PRP is guaranteed to work because it targets the cellular functions of your hair roots, ensuring growth and strength.

So if traditional treatments are not giving you your dream locks, consider PRP therapy to give your hair a significant touch of glory as the holidays are approaching.


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In summary

The extreme weather during wintertime tends to take its toll on our hair, unfortunate considering it is the holiday season and your hair can take you from average looking to jaw-droppingly beautiful. With that, you should maker winter hair care an essential part of your routine. Coconut, olive, and argan oils according to science capable of protecting and moisturizing your hair. If the state of your hair is damaged beyond repair due to excessive heat styling or just genetics, you can still glam up for the holidays by considering PRP therapy for hair repair.

If you want to know more about PRP therapy and hair tips, contact us. Do not hesitate; we love to help.

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