4 reasons Why women should consider hair transplantation

Hair loss is a condition most people attribute to males, but female-pattern baldness is a condition that women also suffer from. NHS England estimates that 50% of women over the age of 65 experience hair loss and thinning, something that genetics or testosterone levels can attribute to . Sometimes, medication and patience can help with regrowth but if you’re not seeing any improvements then it might be time to consider some other options. Here are a few reasons why women suffering from hair loss should consider having a hair transplantation:


boosts your confidence

For many women, their hair is their crowning glory and losing it can be devastating. It’s the only part of the body that can be temporarily cut, dyed and modified in order to express individual personalities. Because it’s a condition mostly associated with men, women can find their female pattern baldness to be embarrassing and desperately want a solution for it. While you’re beautiful with or without a full head of hair, a transplant can restore the volume of your locks and really boost your self-esteem.

If you suffer from hair loss due to chemical damage or burns, a hair transplant might be the first step to getting back a healthy head of hair and feeling like your old self once again.

p ermanent

For years, you might have been trying to conceal your thinning crown and shorter locks. Cleverly braided hairstyles are great at disguising the issue but when the time comes to unravel the braid, the thinning hair still remains. You should be able to go to your local supermarket without worrying about fixing your hair to conceal the bald patches.

During a hair transplant, a surgeon will take hair grafts from a hidden part of the head and transplant these to areas where the hair has thinned or where the hairline has become uneven. While the thought of surgery can be scary, it’s a permanent solution and means that you won’t have to hide your hair away in embarrassment.

l looks natural

Hair transplants have come a long way over the years and surgeons have perfected making the end result look seamless. An FUE Hair Transplant is a very precise method. This technique gives the surgeon more control over the hairs as opposed to other techniques. When using FUE, surgeons have the ability to be precise when extracting individual hairs. Meaning every hair is chosen carefully based on quality and strength. Moreover, FUE allows the surgeon to implant each individual hair gently in the direction of hair growth. This level of accuracy and precision is what gives the end result its natural allure.

Wigs maybe a popular way to disguise hair loss but more often than not, you can tell that the hair is artificial. And their popularity is due mostly to their cheap prices compared to alternatives. And while most women find the low cost of wigs appealing, they should remember that the cumulative cost in the long run isn’t. Wigs are high maintenance and somewhat expensive. A hair transplant on the contrary, might seem expensive from a myopic view. But when looking into it, it is only a one-time procedure that yields permanent natural results. In other words, the value for money in a hair transplant makes it worth it.

A hair transplant isn’t just for your head

Hair thinning can affect all parts of the body, including the eyebrows. In the modern day, where bold eyebrows are considered beautiful it can be demoralizing for some women not to have any. A hair transplant can restore your brow thickness, permanently and naturally.


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