Vitamin A: the silent cause of hair loss

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Vitamins have multiple functions in the body. The diverse vitamins, when acting in concert, help boost the immune system, repair cell damage and wounds, and convert food into energy. Its popular belief that, the innocuous pills that come in different shapes and flavors cannot turn on us. While this is partially true for certain vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, and K do not fit the description. Consuming the mentioned vitamins  over the limit can have adverse health issue on the body. Our main focus today is Vitamin A and hair loss. In the article we will discuss the role of vitamin A in hair loss and how to reverse it.

How does vitamin A cause hair loss

The fat-soluble vitamin, when in excess, does not leave the system right out. Instead, the liver stores it for prolonged periods imposing the risk of an overdose. While the Vitamin is essential for hair growth, it should be consumed in moderation. Vitamin A functions mainly on the scalp, maintaining its moisture and repairing any damage. However, unfortunately, in large amounts in the body the vitamin becomes the villain. Overdosing on the saint-turned-sinister vitamin, disrupts the hair growth cycle. The cycle of growth consists of three main phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Anagen is the phase of active hair growth, the period where the hair continues to grow. The length of this period is genetically determined but can later be altered. Next comes the catagen phase, during which the hair growth halts and the follicular unit prepares to shed the hair off. Finally comes the telogen phase which marks the end of the cycle. After a period of inactivity (catagen), the hair finally falls out.

The role of vitamin A in hair loss is it shortens the the anagen phase, leading to premature transition to the telogen phase and consequently hair loss.

What you should do to reverse the effects

If you suspect your suffer from a vitamin A overdose, you first need to run a blood test to confirm your doubts. If through the blood tests, you find that indeed you are consuming above limit quantities of vitamin A, your first step is to reduce your vitamin intake. Secondly, you should look into treatments that can reverse the side effects.

Since vitamin A plays under a cellular level, you should consider treatments that target the cell growth phase. One of the successful treatments is PRP therapy. PRP works by extracting growth factors from your blood and injecting them into your scalp. Growth factors play a major role in altering the hair growth phase. For one, they prolong the anagen phase, and delay the telogen phase.

The treatment is ideal to reverse the effects of vitamin A in the body.

What is the safest way to intake vitamin A

The best approach for any vitamin intake is through food rather than supplements. However, if it is not possible to manage a balanced diet, and you still need your vitamins, then we suggest regular blood tests to monitor the concentration of the vitamin in your body.

In summary

Although vitamin A is essential for hair growth, in excess amounts its benefits become disadvantages. Vitamin A in excess causes hair loss by negatively disrupting the natural rhythm of the hair growth cycle. With shorter anagen phases and quicker telogen phases.

Reversing the effects of vitamin A takes time as the vitamin is usually stored in the liver for prolonged periods. However, PRP therapy is an ideal option as it stimulates hair growth by delaying the telogen phase and prolonging the anagen.

Contact us if you have any questions about PRP therapy.





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