The fruitful benefits of cosmetic dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry is often linked to celebrities and the elites. The relation is founded based on the flaming prices of cosmetic dentistry which are not within the common man’s budget. However, and despite the increased costs of cosmetic dentistry, many are going out of their way to save up for a smile make over. Why, you might find your self asking. Are they shallow? The answer is definitely not. Brain washed by the media? Also not the case. In reality many are blind to the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and its ability to turn one’s life around. It is in the pearls of your mouth where the secretes to success and happiness rely. And no, we are not over exaggerating.

The many fruitful benefits of cosmetic dentistry 

1- Increased self esteem

There is no denying the stigma surrounding bad teeth. It may be shallow, but naturally discolored teeth, or crooked teeth share similar symptoms with neglected teeth. In other words, it may be hard for strangers to assess the state of our teeth. Given that, usually people suffer from low self esteem and increased self consciousness. I mean, who would enjoy being mistaken for an unhygienic person. In summary, fixing your teeth will guarantee you a self confidence boost.

2- Better health

Aside from social and psychological complications that a poor set of teeth would initiate, cavities actually affect our physical health. In both men and women, the onset of cavities threatens their fertility. This may not seem part of cosmetic dentistry, but actually it is. Aside from removing your cavities, your dentist can cover the traces of their occurrence completely. Besides, cosmetic dentistry will give you the push you need to both care and maintain the state of your pearly whites.

3- More opportunities

The bigger opportunities are equal parts a result of the self esteem boost and the increased attractiveness that follow a dental procedure. It may seem a bit fake, but according to studies people with straight teeth are more employable, land more dates, and come across as more intelligent.

4- A bigger social circle

As has be concluded by many studies, your smile has the ability to change the fate of your first impressions. Is it vain that we base our assumptions on a person’s set of food-grinding calcium rocks? Perhaps. But then again, poor set of teeth clashes with poor dental care, and it may be hard for people to make the proper assessment. In addition, a dazzling smile will make you appear smarter and more charismatic. To word it differently, your teeth can take you from side-kick to heartthrob.

5- Better mental health

There is no doubt the intensity by which having your teeth looking shinny and aligned will reflect back on your mental health. Increased self esteem, more successful work opportunities, a better social life, and the list goes on. You may as well breakup with darkness your old friend, and wave goodbye to the cloud of sadness that has shadowed you probably your entire life.

I can not afford cosmetic dentistry what can I do? 

You cannot afford cosmetic dentistry where you currently are? Think out of the box, cosmetic dentistry abroad is a very plausible option. Consider countries like Turkey, where the affordable prices are inversely proportional with the quality. Besides, why not go abroad for tourism and a life changing make over at a fraction of what it would cost you to modify your teeth in local clinics? Sounds like a win to us.

In summary 

Giving your precious whites a make over will have you enjoy the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Better mental health, more opportunities, and a better you. Do not hesitate to break the cycle of misery you have been living in just because its comfortable. Leave your comfort zone, trust us its much better out there.

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