PRP therapy and dermal fillers: their differences and uses

The field of aesthetic enhancements has evolved to ditch the knives and instead follow a more subtle approach to achieve the patient’s desired look. In the realm of rejuvenating art, cosmetic procedures and technologies have developed to tackle the cellular issues that steal your youthful appearance, leaving behind the risky conventional methods that could potentially end up with botched results. Owing to their temporary effects, minor alterations, and natural looks, injections have skyrocketed in popularity to be the most sought after cosmetic procedures.

PRP therapy and dermal fillers have become increasingly requested as effective treatments for youth restoration. Although, both techniques are a pioneer in the incentive of reversing the tell-tale signs of aging, at a molecular level their functions vary and consequently their objectives. Below are the treatments, their differences, and uses explained.

PRP therapy

PRP therapy or elaborately, platelet-rich plasma, is an emerging treatment that has rapidly spread to a versatile range of medical fields. Aside from their recent role in cosmetics, PRP therapy was initially a technique used in muscle and tendon repairing induced by athletic injuries. The crux of the treatment is concentrated within the platelet-rich plasma that acts as a reservoir for extracellular proteins.

Drawn from your blood, platelet-rich plasma constitutes growth factors that bind to cells in target areas to trigger proliferation and cellular growth. Therefore, when the area injured is injected with PRP, growth factors bind to cells and accelerate their recovery.

Likewise, with the broad effects of growth factors in stimulating various molecular functions and activity, the applications of PRP therapy have expanded to be inclusive of a versatile range of medical fields. The multi-purpose treatment has soon found its way into cosmetic medicine where its benefits exceeded expectations. Injected as a dermal filler, the growth factors in PRP bind to dermal cells promoting their renewal and stimulating increased collagen production, the effects of which reflect immensely on your glowing youthful skin.

The procedure of PRP therapy is relatively simply and is around an hour and a half long. A blood sample is drawn from you via standard methods. The collected sample is subjected to centrifuging, a machine that rotates the samples at inhumane speeds to separate the contents of the blood. The isolated platelet-rich plasma is then extracted and injected in target areas where they’ll work their magic.

Hyaluronic-based dermal fillers

Hyaluronic-based dermal fillers, on the other hand, serve for an alternative purpose. While PRP therapy aids in the restoration of collagen to give you that youthful glow, facial fillers restore volume.

The volume augmentation properties in dermal fillers allow for the injection to serve various cosmetic surgery fields, such as rejuvenation and facial contouring. In the former, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar that declines in production as we age. Providing our face with a slight plump look, the loss of hyaluronic acid through the years leads to the sunken look that creates folds in specific areas around the face. Dermal filler injections give the boost of volume that has been lost restoring thereby the folds ironed by the gradual loss of vitality.

As for facial contouring surgeries, the ability to specifically add volume in particular areas of the face allows for the reshaping and altering of certain features replacing therefore many surgical procedures.

With dermal fillers, you can have a higher set of cheekbones, a defined jawline, and fuller lips. Aside from adding volume you can choose how to shape your jawline and lips.

In summary

PRP therapy and dermal fillers serve for different purposes in the cosmetic world, however, combined together, the results would be outstanding. With PRP restoring the youthful glow to your face and dermal fillers reversing the hands of time, you are guaranteed to look have your vitality back.

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