Mommy makeover: where to get it, and its costs

Mommy makeover is a makeover designed for mothers who wish to revamp their bodies and restore their pre-birth figures.

While there is no shame in mom bodies, and instead; everything magnificent and powerful, what the altered physique of a previously leased uterus often signifies or resembles is a connotation of loss of youth and vitality.

Ageing remains the one-factor humanity fears for the wilting it holds, loss of power, and the inevitable increasing dependency that tails it. The attributes of deterioration have created a spectre of fears and apprehension towards the inescapable fate of senesces.

Therefore, the subtle consequences of daily mom activities and adverse stresses of motherly worries, the stretching of the skin, changes in the body shape, the prominent distress on the skin, and the many more changes that tell the world your body bore a precious soul, can be a source of low self-esteem.

With that, while motherhood is a series of ups and downs, a collection of beautiful and sweet moments that are sacred and can never be replaced, mothers will eventually be nostalgic for their non-maternal bodies.

Your inclusive guide to a mommy makeover.

A number of features will possibly be permanently changed postpartum, a period where mothers are more likely to be in a bad mental state adapting to a new life with their little one. A mommy makeover is a multi-procedure package designed to give mothers the self-esteem boost they deserve and are lacking at such a vulnerable period.

What changes occur in the body during pregnancy and postpartum?

1Weight gain

Weight gain is almost a package deal that comes with pregnancy. The extra pounds mothers to tend to stack on will most likely be shed off. However, during the first year after birth, most women will hang on to around 5 kilograms of incessantly stubborn fat. Once past, about a 1 to 2 kg of weight gained will perhaps be permanent.

2 kgs of permanent weight gain can become significant with over a course of several pregnancies that will make the changes throughout the vicissitudes of the pregnancy and the periods superseding it all the more ambiguous.

2– The loss of a sacred member of the pearly whites coalition

It is an old wife’s tale that losing a tooth is as well a part of the package deal of pregnancy. Obviously, a good nutritious diet and persistent follow-up with your doctor throughout your pregnancy will track the mineral and vitamin content in your body, detect early deficiencies, and eliminate the loss of teeth. However, in the presence of neglect, the developing fetus will be the priority in survival and will absorb the necessary nutrients from the mother jeopardizing her health. The sad aspect of a dental loss is its natural irreversibility that makes the parting all the more valuable.

Additional dental problems could arise aside from the loss of teeth. The list ranges between tooth damage from the persistent vomiting and enlarged gums due to changes in blood circulation during the pregnancy.

3– Breast sagging

Breasts go through various cycles of shrinking and expanding in accordance with the advancement in pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding. The continuous alteration of size makes the breasts palpable to face a defeat in the war against gravity.

Sagging is a permanent phenomenon as it’s induced by the irreversible stretching of elastin and the ligaments that create the firm perky appearance of the breasts. Once the fatty tissue is no longer held firmly against gravity, there is no natural series of events that could provide the breasts ligaments with the intactness they lost.

4 – The notorious post-baby belly

Over the 9 month period, the muscles of your stomach will stretch to make home to the rapidly growing fetus. The changes in the muscular patterns do not revert back to pre-pregnancy order right after birth. The process takes time and becomes all the more difficult after the first pregnancy. In addition, the defined hour-glass figure most moms have had pre-pregnancy is likely to be less conspicuous postpartum.

What is the mommy makeover? What is included in the mommy makeover?

The mommy makeover is a multi-procedure package crafted exclusively to address the most prominent permanent alterations induced by pregnancy on the physical form.

1– Cosmetic breast surgeries

From breast augmentations to breast lifts, and breast reductions; the cosmetic surgery field offers a versatile range of options to reshape the breasts to cater for your needs and help you restore the firmness, youthful appeal, and size of your pre-pregnancy breasts.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that implements safe synthetic materials to increase the size of the breast. Breast augmentation can reverse the sagging.

For sagging, you can look into a breast lift, a surgical procedure that exclusively revolves around enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the breast through providing it with a boost of support and relocating and reshaping the size of the areola and the nipples.

A common side effect of pregnancy is an increase in breast size that not many women are fond of. In which case, a breast reduction can surgically remove the extra weight gained to ensure a decrease in the size without any adverse effects such as sagging or loose skin.

All the above procedures regardless of their initial incentive will ensure an eye-pleasing aesthetic appearance.

The results are immediate and likewise permanent. However, as is the case with most surgical procedures, the change will become more defined with time.

2– Tummy Tuck

The post-baby belly and the murky waistline can be easily reversed with a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that surgically removes stubborn fat around the abdomen and waist to meet the requests of the patient. In simple terms, the procedure can be described as carving a canvas into perfection. According to your needs, your abdomen region can be reshaped to its pre-pregnancy status or simply according to new standards. The procedure can easily accommodate your unique needs.

The results of the procedure are permanent and instantaneous. However, with time, the results will become more visible and accentuated.

3– Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad realm with a solution for every dental problem. Thankfully, the procedure is included in a mommy makeover package since most mothers tend to wear out their teeth during pregnancy.

Prosthetic dentistry offers restorative options for chipped, worn down, or lost teeth. For the first two dental dilemmas, ideal options would include dental Veneers, however, this relies on the extent and severity of the damage. If the damage of chipping and deterioration is extensive while the root is intact, a plausible alternative to Veneers would be dental crowns.

In the case of lost teeth, the recovering of the loss can be achieved via dental implants, tri-unit structures that fully mimic a natural tooth down to the T to give the patient an experience that imitates nature anchor, functionality, and appearance-wise.

Prosthetic dentistry units vary in material depending on the patient’s needs and financial abilities. In other words, the options could look very natural or very synthetic depending on the material the patient opts for.

Other cosmetic dentistry needs can be attended to via teeth whitening and other Hollywood smile services that will bring the glow back to the precious pearly whites to give you the confidence boost to smile cheerfully at life with your baby.

4– Liposuction

Liposuction is a minimally invasive fat reducing procedure that can help you obtain your pre-pregnancy body in the shortest period of time. Liposuction has become part of the mommy makeover package as weight gain is the most significant source of inconvenience moms face postpartum.

Most of the fat is stubborn and with a newborn to care for and a job to perhaps balance on the tight schedule, time for exercise could be a dream beyond reach.

Sometimes, even with exercise certain problem areas of fat storages will not curtail despite the extreme extents you could go to.

Liposuction can target those areas and melt them down using ultrasound waves to emulsify the fat and later with a cannula suction it out.

Like most surgical procedures in the mommy makeover, the results are instantaneous and will become more prominent throughout the year.

Side effects of a mommy makeover

The side effects of a mommy makeover do not differ from regular surgical procedures. To eliminate all risks and enjoy a safe makeover, ensure you get treated at a certified hospital that operates above-board with an experienced crew. Do the diligence and research about the hospital you are interested in.

One notice should be that getting a mommy makeover should be looked into after having the last baby for various reason. The first being, the effects of the surgery will likely fade with another pregnancy. The second being, a breast lift is a procedure that will permanently stop the breasts from lactating, meaning, you will not be able to breastfeed again. The possibility of never lactating should not be an inconvenience for most moms as a mommy makeover is often sought after the last pregnancy.

Aside from cosmetic dentistry, the remaining procedures that come in a mommy makeover package deal can be reversed after another pregnancy.

It’s important to note that if your choice of hospital was in its place, then professional surgeons will evaluate your overall health to ensure your eligibility for the procedure.

Where to get a safe and affordable mommy makeover?

Affordable and safe are often a combination that breeds mistrust to patients, as they should. We highly encourage patients to thoroughly research and scrutinizingly evaluate the hospital in interests regardless of the pricing of the procedure. Pricing is not always a reliable factor in deterring the quality and can result in prejudiced judgments in either extreme.

Medical tourism has become the biggest trend for health tourists to seek the best medical care for affordable prices abroad. Unlike the USA and Europe, countries like Turkey operate on much lower wages the surgery and medical care costs are perceived to suspiciously low by foreigners. However, for the average Turkish citizen, the costs of such procedures are flaming high. The coat dilemma is a matter of perspective.

However, with that, ensure to make the most researching online. Rely on google rates and reviews from past patients to develop a reasonable judgment of the hospital interest.

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